June and July are Women's Month on CBDstore.in, check out our new bundles and use code 'WMN10' for a 10% discount if you are a female or buying for the special women in your life
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      Womens Month Bundles

      Have you ever tried Soul Fashion? Well...


      Truly a boon for those undergoing extreme stress of any kind. Whether it is due to a medical treatment or as a consequence of their lifestyle. It calms you down yet keeps your spirits up. The entourage effect of all the necessary elements works wonderfully to give me access to the state of bliss. Something that cannot be found through any other means. It is a gift from nature that those who need should try!! I highly recommend it.
      Shreya R, Graphic Designer
      Being in the army, we placed a demand for CBD oil from CBD India and soon found it to be of great quality. We instantaneously felt a very positive effect on taking the product when it came to issues of physical recovery and reduction in stress and anxiety that many of our soldiers go through while carrying out operations. On a personal front, it has helped me in problems related to sleep and fatigue. I also feel that it helps me become a lot more calmer and helps me in making sound decisions. Highly recommended. Great Product! Keep it Up.
      Cpt. Amit Singh, Indian Army
      I can’t thank CBD India enough for everything! My experience with them has been amazing always. I take care of street dogs and rescue them from horrible conditions. Currently, I have 40 indie desi dogs. Some of these dogs have severe life threatening diseases. CBD India’s pet tincture has helped so many dogs of mine every time. It makes their diseases less painful and helps in curing them. My experience with CBD India has been outstanding. Most importantly, Ashok has always been there to help me. I don’t know what I would do without this CBD tincture- it has made everything so much easier and pain-free for the dogs. It helps dogs with the most dangerous of conditions like cancer, arthritis etc. These rescued dogs owe CBD India their lives.
      Saiesha Dayal, Dog Rescuer
      CBD India have quality products that are safe and effective. The have an option for doctor's consultation for you that can help decide dosage and the kind of products that you should use. The Vata balm was extremely effective for me as it helped my joints recover post practice and reduced inflammation and stiffness. It is my go to ointment after a tiring day at work. Especially during winter months it brings warmth to the body and helps improve productivity. The CBD India team is extremely helpful and cooperative. I would definitely recommend the products from the store.
      Varuna Shunglu

      CBDstore.in conversation with 6X IronMan Competition Champ Dave Scott