ManSutraa Madanakameshwari Lehya/ Chaturjataka Rasayana

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Referred as Sarvaroganivarini for Anti-ageing Sexual Enhancement ( aphrodisiac) in both male and female.

 Madana kameshwari lehyam is an Ayurvedic medicine that comes in herbal jam form.


Chaturjata, kachora, chandana, hrivera, draksha,tuga, renuka, kasturi,tagara and many other herbs.


  • Anti-Aging,
  • YOUTHFULNESS Sexual Enhancement in both males and females,
  • Regulates metabolism,
  • Improves libido & Fertility Regulates immunity


It is given in a dose of 6grams at night along with milk or as directed by your physician.

The formulation known as Madanakameshwari Rasayana or Chaturajata Rasayana is the one that is taken from the text Sahasrayoga which is actually a text with 1000 formulations compiled by various physicians especially belonging to the region of Southern states of India. The text is believed to be written during 1192 AD and is part of the science that has been in vogue from 5000 years namely AYURVEDA. The formulation has 64 ingredients as mentioned in the attached ingredient list.

The formulation is endowed with many indications and as per the reference it is known as a boon to mankind for having a long and healthy life even though it is mainly concentrated on the sexual aspect of human being. Hence, it is said as “Roganam Nischaya Kshyam” reduce all kind of imbalances in the body and mind. 

Moreover, as Shukra dhatu which is the last one among the dhatu (tissues) as per Ayurveda is only able to get nourished when all the other dhatu (tissues) are nourished. Thus, any formulation which is aimed at this dhatu (tissue) will surely be giving a overall improvement of strength and nourishment. Hence, this formulation will be a good rejuvenator and aphrodisiac to the recipient.

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