TWIEE ALINE ALORA Cannabis Sleep Tincture 1500 MG - 30 ML

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TWIEE ALINE ALORA Cannabis Sleep Tincture 1500 MG - 30 ML

SLEEP is the divine way which allows human body to rest, recover and invigorate and also decongest everyone from the stress of the current civilization and culture. While melatonin(Gooji Berry Extract) and Hemp Leaf Extract have many ways in which people consume separately yet we have discovered an effective way to combine these compounds .Based on research, Hemp Leaf Extract can be really helpful in insomnia, sleep behaviour disorders, and excessive sleepiness during the day. It works synergistically with melatonin(Gooji Berry Extract) to help regulate and reset the sleep-wake cycle. 

Composition – MCT Oil, Hemp Leaf Extract, Melatonin as Goji Berry Extract, Chamomile Extract, Lavender Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, Permitted Flavour.


 To regulate the disrupted sleep-wake cycle along with depression, chronic pain, dementia, insomnia, sleep behaviour disorders, and excessive sleepiness during the day.

Dosage Instructions: After meals, take 3-4 drops sublingually (under the tongue) twice a day. It is suggested that you start with a modest dose and gradually increase it over time. Please refer to our Dosage Guide or follow your doctor’s dosage recommendations.

Directions: This dosage is most effective when taken sublingually (under the tongue) after food. Utilise the dripper to extract the recommended amount for you.


Possible observations to be transcended while on medication are dry mouth and red sclera, increased appetite, increased urge to urinate or poop frequently, decreased cognitive and mental skills, restlessness, drowsiness, unusual perceptions of all senses including hallucinations, anxiety, slight increase in heart rate, subtle shifts in blood pressure and panic.

 Legal Disclaimer: Due to FDA regulations, no Hemp Extract manufacturer is allowed to make health claims about CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN products. We encourage all our customers to research the widely available information online regarding the compounds found in Hemp Extract.


A Doctor's prescription is required to purchase the following product.

We have Doctors on board that will help you arrive at a prescription. Furthermore, Our Doctors are happy to hear you out and guide towards which product and dosage will be best for you.

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