Vandana brings forth excellent management skills honed over years to seamlessly Integrate multiple dimensions of your journey, from elegantly arranging Doctors Appointments and prescriptions to ensuring a timely shipping out of the same.

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Sagar comes from a background of powerlifting, music therapy & travel. A rich combination of personal and professional experiences make Sagar uniquely skilled in understanding your needs

Dr. Ashvini

Dr. Ashvini is our Inhouse Ayurveda Doctor & Expert, Ashvini integrates multiple Ayurvedic, Herbal & traditional therapies in developing your treatment plan and is an amazing guide that can help you understand the best products for you

Koyel Pramanik

Koyel is our Customer Journey leader. She handles all the dimensions of a customers journey and is also our grievance officer. Koyel ensures customers are regularly informed about new products, easy to use features are integrated for a seamless experience from available products and services to different modes of payment and delivery

Dixit Dewani : Collaboration Warrior

Dixit is our manager of collaborations, he ensures that each brand on our platform gets the attention, care and spotlight it deserves.

Dixit further unifies influencers and artists along with brands & products. He ensures the right ambassador is sent the right products by the right brands and an ecosystem of mutual benefit and manifesting great moments is created

Nachiket Chavan: Collaboration/Expansion Entity

Nachiket is an entity that provides harmony & balance within CSIN as well as Heads the Roots department of CSIN, CBD Store India was founded on the principles of & stand on the shoulders of the 60s counterculture movement which was an effortless synthesis of Vedas, expressionism, psychedelia, liberalism and deep spiritual exploration.

Nachiket ensures our foundational roots are nourished by supporting & collaborating with all the psychedelic souls that reach out to us

Whether you are a psychedelic visual artist, a shaman, a hippie musician, a Boho jeweller, owner of a 'chilled out' cafe, someone who makes tie dye or anything trippy, consider CBD Store India your home & connect with Nachiket to start your journey with us

Anurag Singh - Graphics & Web Development

Anurag holds the crucial space of ensuring multiple facets of our operations move smoothly. As the web development head, Anurag assures your experience on our store is a smooth and elegant one. As the graphic artist Anurag ensures all the labels, packaging, social media artwork is on point, True, informative and accurate

Kalpana Dubey: Legal, Finance & Fulfilment

Kalpana is the pillar of our team. As head of legal, she ensures all our agreements, licenses,processes and paperwork is in place so our customers are ensured of 100% legal and safe product and manufacturers of each product at CSIN are held accountable for the product quality, efficacy and safety of products sold at CSIN

As head of accounts she ensures smooth payments across the spectrum, from shipping to vendors to contracts to refunds

Kalpana is the head of fulfilment and can help you in matters related to delivery/shipping if the Customer Journey Guides are unable to help

Tushar Patil: CEO / Head Of Staff

As the head of SEO and the team leader, Tushar masterfully syncs the CSIN team to execute projects and operations. Tushar makes sure the entire process of a marketplace moves like a swiss watch, from the SEO rich content, the tags, the graphics, the outreach, the customer & medical support. It moves in an elegant and artful manner with the end aim being to provide a state of the art experience for everyone that crosses paths with CSIN

If you are an CBD, Vijaya (Medical Cannabis) or Fungi brand that wants to be featured in CSIN, pls connect with Tushar

Blake Luvon - Head of international, Co founder

Blake Luvon has been a driving force and a vital factor behind the growth and success of

With a rich background in digital marketing and eastern mysticism from American Eyes, Blake brings forth a golden bridge connecting the west and the east

If you are an international individual/company looking to start a brand in India, along with the team and resources of CSIN, or if you are interested in bringing over our products or services, do connect with Blake and get your Journey started

Vinesh : Chief / Product & brand development

Vinesh is the owner of and also a brand and product developer. The hallmark products created by Vinesh include the Soma Flora Range, Vijaya Triguna, Hempstrol Catnip with CBD, Sisters of the Valley India products,

As product manager vinesh is in charge of which products are selected for listing, the success of the product and helping connect the product with its target audience

Siddhi Kadam

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