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      Nachiket's Top 5 Favorite Products
      These are my top Favorite products because its got a real good balance of THC and CBD will get you full spectrum effect with all the compounds in the cannabis plant working in synchronization to provide you with good mood, health and wellness. 
      I am passionate about Cannabis since college days. I started in engineering college with Bhang, later in life medicinal cannabis helped me with my stress of the daily hectic life.with working with cbdstore.in and watching how thousands of people getting the benefits of hemp and help in severe medical conditions made me realise that medicinal cannabis oil / Vijaya Oil / RSO oil or hemp oil is the great natural alternative for the big pharma medicines which has multiple side effects. 

       My spirit Animal.
      A Bear

      A unique characteristic about myself.
      I am a Fast learner.
      One artist that shaped Me.
      The Beatles