ANTAR Women's Hemp Bikini Panty Naturally Antibacterial Low Waist

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54% hemp / 42% organic cotton / 4% Lycra.

Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Microbial, Comfortable, Breathable, Light Weight, Odor Resistant, Durable and Naturally UV protected.
ANTAR is crafted for your Comfort & to keep your skin safe. It is tailored to fit any body type. Just the right amount of sass for everyday wear, with no slippage, so you can be comfy no matter what the day throws at you. Perfect low-rise bikini underwear which may lead you to forget you're wearing pants with this soft and sturdy hemp bikini because it's so breathable!

The Body Adaptive fit is achieved thanks to the 4 way stretch
The silky soft micro nylon waistband provides equal stretch and excellent comfort, so it stays true to size and gently embraces the waist
Thermal Regulating to keep you warm in winter and comfy in summer.

You are not only choosing a better Bikini but your choice is also Helping our Environment. You can save 100+ hrs of LED bulb energy/ 100+ litres of drinking Water, by choosing Hemp over regular cotton Bikini. Your contribution will make a Sustainable Tomorrow
Hemp Underwear is the Best Underwear because it is Sustainable, Natural, Organic & Vegan.


Fabric Care: Hand Wash

Country Of Origin: India

Material: Hemp

Style: Bikini

Gender: Female