CBD Oil & Fungi Synthesis Bundle

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CBD Oil & Fungi Synthesis Bundle:

1 x Elinor Organics | Three Fungi Tincture (Cordyceps,TurkeyTail & Usnea Tincture) :1500/-

1 x Qurist MILD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1800mg: 8099/-

1 x Rooted Active Naturals Certified Organic Maca Root with Reishi Mushroom (90 Fungi VEG Capsules) - A Product of Peru: 720.34/-

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Curated especially as a part of our Bundles For Bliss collection, CBD Store India’s CBD Oil & Funghi Synthesis Bundle is offered to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level. Curated with premium brands such as Elinor Organics, Rooted Active Naturals & Qurist the combination or the Three Fungi Tincture, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil & Maco Root & Reishi Mushroom capsules will not only boost your immunity but also provide a complete balance of body, mind & soul. Not only that, say goodbye to any sort of inflammation in the body along with pain relief. What’s more? This Bundle will even help you keep harmful diseases away, which is becoming essential and today’s day & age. The best part about consuming these products is that there’s absolutely no horrible taste, which is often associated with other RAW products in the market. These products are for customers who understand the when it comes to their health, premiumness should not be compromised. 

Fungi and CBD, a match made in blissful heaven.

Trust your days to get a little more energized, healthy, blissful, and relaxed. This Bundle encapsulates wellness and healing. Medicinal mushrooms can:

  • Provide immune support
  • Are Full of antioxidants
  • Support a healthy inflammation response
  • Help to balance blood sugar
  • Support brain health and cognition
  • Support the nervous system
  • Increase energy and stamina

Combine this with CBD and you’re on a journey of true holistic wellness. Shop now!

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