Dr. Visalam Treatment Plan

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Rs. 15,000.00
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Treatment Plans

A new age practitioner who believes in the roots of ancient medicine and respects all streams of medicine.

Dr. Visalam is a medical doctor with specializations and experience in Physiology, Functional medicine, Nutrition, Yoga therapy and Mind Body Healing.  She is a holistic healer who lives by the mantra “everything starts in the mind and keeps in the GUT” and “Doctors need to give time to patients and patients need to give time to their bodies for complete healing”.

Dr.Visalam is the Founder and Managing Director of Inan’s holistic Clinic,
Chennai and also consults in various Hospitals and advices for Health
organizations. She is also a multilinguistic, who is fluent in all 4 South Indian languages and English. She is also a motivational speaker,
nutritional supplement – natural Skin and hair care manufacturer.

Currently practicing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, she works with
chronic diseases and undiagnosed conditions with lifestyle modifications
and nutritional supplements. Functional Medicine or Integrated medicine
is a field of science where the root cause of a symptom/disease is
identified and treated holistically.
Treatment Plans:
  • Anxiety and depression

      3 months program

      Once in 15 days session , 45 mins each session

      Cost - 15,000

  • Detox

     1 month program

      Once in 15 day session - 45 mins each

      Cost - 6000


  • Insomnia

      3 Months program

      Once in 20 day session - 45 mins each

      Cost - 12,000