Elinor Organics | Cordyceps Fungi Tincture (30 ml)

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Rs. 900.00
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An herbal liquid extract made from the finest quality of Certified Organic Cordyceps (20%), Grain alcohol (60%), and Springwater (20%)

We focus on producing the best organic Cordyceps with a cordycepin level of 13.02 mg/gm. We then use our extremely high quality and certified organic Cordyceps Militaris to create dual-extraction tinctures using traditional extraction methods. The process of extracting all of the medicinal properties of the mushroom into a dual-extraction tincture not only increases their bio-availability and efficacy but also increases the shelf life to a great degree.

Overview of Benefits

  • Improves oxygen-absorption capacity to increase energy and stamina
  • Accelerates physical performance
  • Enhances the body’s natural metabolic systems
  • Supports the health of the respiratory system
  • Promotes healthy kidney function


Consume 10-12 drops of the tincture thrice a day in any beverage or food, or administer it directly on the tongue.

One 30 ml tincture bottle will contain approximately 6 grams of Cordyceps Militaris.

1 dose of tincture or 10 to 12 drops will contain about 111 mg of Cordyceps Militaris.