Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask - cbdindia
Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask - cbdindia
Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask - cbdindia
Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask - cbdindia
Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask - cbdindia

Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask

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This comes free with any CBD you order :) . your safety is our priority and we love you too much to charge you for a mask during this covid era

As part of our public health and safety initiative all masks come free with your order

Main Fabric: 100% Premium Hemp
Inner Layer: Premium Muslin (Mulmul)


  • Made with 100% Premium Top Quality Hemp Fabric.
  • Intelligently designed 3 layers of the natural filter system and back lining of Muslin (Mulmul) to be soft and easily breathable on the face.
  • Comes with an adjustable wooden bead locking system for complete ear support and feasibility to carry.
  • Designed to fit any face size and shape.
  • Four Times durable than cotton.
  • Environment-Friendly.


Hempstrol with its Organic Hemp Pollution Mask is not only creating a benchmark for fellow competitors around the world but also consciously trying to bring a change in the society and the people of the country.

With an alarming air pollution rise in the country, the citizens are under severe threat of climbing hazardous particulate matter in the air. This is making their everyday life even more challenging and lungs weaker. Organic Hemp pollution mask is created with the Natural Hemp plant fibre processed into a 100% Hemp Fabric.

Hemp Pollution mask is designed and layered in a way that it works as a natural filter against the minute particulate matter present in the air which protects its wearer against hazardous air inhaled.

Few of the many advantages of using Hemp Mask are:

Hemp Mask naturally filters the UV rays & Dust Particles
 Hemp Mask resists the growth of bacteria.
 You breathe excellently through the refined Hemp Fabric.
 Our Hemp Fabric is odour free.
 Hemp fabric and Mulmul is a delicious combination to be soft on your skin.

The inside layer of the mask is intentionally layered with Muslin (Mulmul) cloth which is a natural exfoliator helps in keeping your skin away from any impurities when comes in contact with wearer's mouth and skin.

Breathe Freely!



  • Easy and Safe Breathing.
  • Filters Dirt, Dusk, Harmful UV Rays.
  • Anti Bacterial growth Hemp and Mulmul fabric.
  • Designed to wear for long hours and in Travel.
  • Washable and Reusable for a Lifetime.
  • Saves Water
  • Fashion


  • Hot or Humid Climate
  • Smog and Unhealthy Air Quality regions
  • Dusty Neighbourhoods
  • Urban Environment
  • Riding Motorbikes/Cycles
  • Indoors; Offices, Homes, Shops and Supermarkets
  • Kids on the Playground
  • Travelling in Public Transport
  • Under the Scorching Sun



  • Dip in lukewarm water for few hours

  • Squeeze using hands immersed in detergent and fabric softener to dry under indirect Sun

  • Light Ironing and ready to use


The Free Hempstrol Hemp & Muslin Mask destined to impress, and priced at only Rs. 0.00, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 06, 2020