Health Horizons Hemp seeds - Chilli garlic flavour- 100g/Pack of 2

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Health Horizons Hemp seeds | Chilli garlic flavour | Used in Smoothies, Yogurt and Salad (100g) (Pack of 2)

  • Health Horizons flavoured seeds make it easy to bring great flavour and high nutritional value into your snack.
  • Roasted hemp seeds are rich sources of Omega-6 and Omega-3 linoleic acids, immune-boosting lauric acid, clean protein, and fibre.
  • Unlike other granola or seed blend products on the market, Health Horizons hemp hearts are certified, non-GMO, unrefined, vegan, and never processed with hexane or other dangerous chemicals.
  • These flavours are bound to be a favourite item in all of your recipes and can be easily incorporated into vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets.
  • Blend it into a wholesome smoothie, sprinkle it onto salad or pasta or eat it straight out of the bag.
  • These seeds are versatile that will add nutrition and a rich flavour.
  • We ensure a high-quality approach being a seed-to-sale brand, controlling the quality of the seeds from manufacturing products, to packaging and distribution.