Hemplanet - Hemp Granola Bar (Pack of 3)

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Vegan Dark Chocolate & Coconut - Hemp Granola Bar

White Chocolate & Peanut - Hemp Granola Bar

Dark Chocolate & Coconut - Hemp Granola Bar

Hemplanet's all-natural breakfast granola bar is packed with Whole Grain Fibre and Protein. A filling breakfast bar loaded with Omega-3-rich flax seeds and superfoods. 

Ingredients: Organic oats, Organic Hemp flour, Brown sugar, Himalayan Rock salt,, Desiccated coconut, Dark chocolate, Hemp hearts, Cashew nuts, Almonds, Raisins, Butter, Honey, Egg, and mixed seeds of Hemp, Flax, Chia and sunflower.

Content: 75g

Shelf Life: Best before 8 weeks from the date of manufacture.

Nutrition: (per 75g, approx.)

Energy 285kcal

Fats 21g

Carbohydrates 20g

Protein 6g

Sodium 7mg

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