Hemplanet Auroville Hemp Pasta - Gluten Free 350gm

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Rs. 450.00
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Hemplanet Hemp Pasta - Gluten Free 350gm


Delicious nutritious Hemp Pasta fussili

A wonderfully nutritious alternative to regular pasta as it is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and protein. Made from whole-wheat and hemp flour, it is a good source of fiber and contributes to a healthy diet, helping to maintain low cholesterol levels.

In fact, ordinary pasta adds extraordinary calories to your daily diet. Now you don’t have to say goodbye to a tasty & authentic Italian meal, with Hemplanet’s Hemp Pasta say hello to a pasta meal cooked with the sauce of your choice. The best part is that Hemp helps lower bad cholesterol & improve good cholesterol. It’s even an excellent choice for Heart patients, people who work out regularly & want a healthier meal alternative, vegans, & pregnant mothers who are craving a tasty meal. This is even a great choice for people with constipation due the the Pasta’s high fibre levels. Now add a perfect balance of fibre to your diet. In fact you won’t believe the taste & how Hemp Pasta can be so delicious. You honestly wouldn’t want to switch back. We use the highest possible grade of pasta makers to produce the most consistent shape as well. 


  • Organic Atta Flour
  • Organic Hempseed flour
  • Water