Jane's Deep Sleep CBD Oil & Herbal Fungi Mix Bundle

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Jane's Deep Sleep CBD Oil & Herbal Fungi Mix Bundle:

The Wellness Collective SLEEP AID CBD Oil GUMMIES   : 7140/-

The Wellness Collective | Four Sigmatic Fungi Reishi Elixir   : 3505/-

The Wellness Collective | PREMIUM CURCUMIN TURMERIC: 2205/-


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For sleep and for soul wellness!

From gummies that help you get some much-needed rest by increasing the quality of your sleep to Reishi mushrooms and curcumin turmeric – this bundle is exceptional to keep you on track on many levels. Sleep is the foundation of wellness and these gummies are just what you need along with adaptogens that assist in keeping your vitality high. Trust in the magic of nature!

Buy this bundle and experience the wholeness of healing! Shop now.

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