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Enecta CBD Michelangelo's Elixirs of Relief Package

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1 x 2400 mg Enecta C2400 CBD Tincture

Soothing CBD Hemp oil with 2400 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted in Italy from our plants of Cannabis Sativa L.  

Quality and Certifications


Download the PDF with the test of potencial irritancy on sensitive skin
Download the PDF with  test done on our cosmetic line

1 x 500mg Enecta CBG Tincture


Cannabigerol (CBG) can be considered the “stem cell” of many chemical substances present in Cannabis, our Premium CBG Oil is actually available with a 500 mg concentration (G 500).

Like THC, CBD and CBD is one of the most important cannabinoids. Like Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn't present any psychoatctive effect.

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1 x 2400mg Enecta Herbal CBD Tincture

Premium Hemp Extract 24% is a 2400 mg cbd CBD product that meets the needs of those who use CBD in high doses several times a day with a lower serving size. 

A pure CBD oil product obtained from Cannabis varieties with a high CBD content, and very  low THC percentage.

Life is too short to live without the Enecta CBD Michelangelo's Elixirs of Relief Package. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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