Moksa Hibiscus Flowers- Caffeine free herbal tea - 35gm

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Moksa Hibiscus Flowers- Caffeine free herbal tea- 35gm

Rich in flavour, these hibiscus flower petals are rich in antioxidants that support the immune system and help in lowering blood pressure.

1. Promotes heart health
2. Aids in Weight loss
3. Packed with Vitamin C
4. May reduce cholesterol
5. Boosts immunity


  • PROMOTES HEART HEALTH:Ā Drinking hibiscus tea offers heart-healthy benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.
  • AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS:Ā Due to its diuretic properties, hibiscus tea plays a great role in weight loss.
  • PACKED WITH VITAMIN C:Ā Hibiscus tea contains vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that is responsible for keeping our immune systems healthy.
  • MAY REDUCE CHOLESTEROL:Ā Hibiscus tea may reduce blood cholesterol in those with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • BOOSTS IMMUNITY:Ā Hibiscus tea may help fight infections as it inhibits the activity of bacteria.