Nana Vedik Ekel Sar Bael Capsules (60 capsules)

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Bael is full of healthy nutrients which add all the valuable healthy protein and vitamins to your body. Bael is fully loaded with vitamins like vitamins A, B,  B2, and C. Apart from vitamins it has minerals, calcium, potassium, and iron.  It is helpful to treat so many diseases.


Bone Health 

Having strong bones is a very important thing to lead a healthy life and the problem of calcium is not only common in old age people but also young generation nowadays. Bael has calcium in more than sufficient amounts and calcium is the only reason to keep the bone strong. So, bael is important for bone health.


Digestive issues are nothing new. In all age groups, this problem is very common and all digestive problems occur due to liver problems. But Bael is known for curing so many digestive problems and even stomach ulcers can be cured by its leaves. 


Being a food, it is automatically known to be beneficial for health and if talk about heart then it is found that bael is known to have a positive effect on the heart and it will give strength to heart muscles. 

Mouth Ulcers 

Bael has a very beneficial secretion that is known as glycoprotein secretions which are very effective in treating different types of stomach ulcers. 


Bael plays a very huge role in detoxifying the body by removing AMA toxins from the body automatically controls triglycerides,  serum, and tissue lipid profiles and also reduces the accumulation of cholesterol within the body. 


If you consume in large amounts then bael can cause constipation and other harmful effects on the stomach. Always keep it to a limit especially breastfeeding and pregnant women should never consume it without consulting the doctors.

An Ayurvedic proprietory Medicine 

Compostion : 

Each 500mg Tablet contains : 

Bael Aegle marmelos 500 mg Class I Preservatives added q.s. Excipients q.s. 

Indications : Helps in Digestion &  detoxifying the body 

Dosage : 1-2 Tablet twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by a physician, To be taken under medical Supervision 

It is an ayurvedic preparation. As time passes color, textures & flavor may change. This does not change the  efficiency of the product 

Keep out of reach of children. Keep the bottle cap tightly closed. 

Store in cool & dry place 

Protect from Sunlight.