Cordyceps - Most Powerful Natural Immune Enhancer (30g)

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Natural Immune Enhancer

Highlights -

Made from 100% pure fruit bodies of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms -Free of any starch, gluten, mycelium and grain fillers, etc. -Each gram contains more than 1% Cordycepin and 40% polysaccharides.


Description -

Cordyceps militaris mushroom contains Cordycepin, which is known to boost immune system and performance. Cordycepin is unique to Cordyceps militaris and Ophiocordyceps sinensis or Keedajadi, which has traditionally been used in Tibet, China, Bhutan, Thailand, Korea and Japan for its countless benefits backed by scientific research. We use 100% fruit bodies of Cordyceps militaris mushroom in our products, which contains the most potent and essential medicinal compounds such as Cordycepin, adenosine, beta-glucans, various immune modulating polysaccharides, d-mannitol, ergosterol and many more.


BenefitsĀ -

  • Cordycepin in Cordyceps militaris has anti-tumor & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Adenosine in Cordyceps acts as a remedy for weakness and fatigue.
  • Beta-glucans (1,3-1,6) in Cordyceps are bio-machines that lowers cholesterol, manages pain and activates the immune system components like NK cells macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, DCs, etc. to fight cancer and incoming infections*.
  • Cordyceps also contain VitaminB12 and antioxidants.


  • Brand- MycoForest
  • Product- Cordyceps - Most Powerful Natural Immune Enhancer
  • Form- Dried mushroom fruit bodies
  • Quantity- 30 grams Servings- 30
  • Ingredients- Cordycepin, adenosine and polysaccharides
  • Shelf- Life12 months
  • Packaging- Air-dried at 45 Ā°C, vacuum sealed and frozen.


How to Use-

1. Simmer 1-gram Cordyceps (12 to 15 fruit bodies) in 250ml clean boiling water for 10 minutes.

2. Filter the liquid in a cup and serve fresh.

3. Drink Cordyceps tea twice every day with or without meals.

4. Eat the remaining bodies or add in your soups and smoothies.