OUTERBODY LABS HEMP Rolling Papers with Artistic Designs

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Rs. 249.00
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OUTERBODY LABS HEMP Rolling Papers with Artistic Designs

17 Unique HEMP Rolling Paper Designs. 12 Indie Visual Artists from around the world.

These Small-Batch HEMP Rolling Papers come with 60 Queen-Size Led & Pesticide Free, Premium Rolling Papers designed for clean & consistent burning.

We’ve also produced around 250 pieces per artwork only. So when we say Limited Edition. This also means if you’re a lucky owner of these delicious bad boys and girls you’ll be one of 250! Think of them as the Pokemon of Artisanal Rolling Paper.

But don’t worry Deer. This is the first of many & we’re going to keep things Fresh AF.

Now select the Artisanal Rolling Paper of your choice. (As promised) Also, don’t forget to neatly use a pair of scissors to use the artwork as Desk Art or a nice, reusable Bookmark or a f**** Fridge Magnet. Be creative! & collect em’ all.

Did we also mention we’re working on a Limited-Edition box called ‘The Art Gallery’. Yes, you’ll be able to buy all 17 Designs in the form of a wooden box especially designed for them. 🥺

Once you run through 30 Papers you’ll notice a nice Blank Paper indicating you’re only half way there.

Do tag us on your posts (@OUTERBODYlabs (and stories to get featured & eternally become a part of us.

Our first official batch is designed with: