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Unravel electronic music’s origins, build your chops, learn musical language and theory, and make and play music the way you want.

Students will develop a deeper understanding of the roots and lineage of a variety of electronic and dance music genres, strengthen their keyboard skills, and learn valuable music theory, deepening their creative practice and facilitating effective collaborations with musical partners.

STOMP STUDIOS is run by by Brian Fernandes who runs various labels like Temple Twister Recs, Digital Distortion Recs ,Air snare recs (India’ first techno label), & more. He makes different genres music as Flipknot, Kerosene club, Brianoid, Spiritual Gangsta, Fibre Stomp, and Shiva Dynamo. He has performed all over the globe since the past 20 years. Through his production school, he has taught 153 students till date and some have achieved great success like Nina & Malika, Aban, Julia Bliss, Liz Brown, Spinal Fusion, Dev, Djane Manasi Scott and many more..

What’s Included:

  • Music Foundations Level 1: Pads & Rhythmic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 2: Keys & Melodic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 3: Electronic Music Appreciation

What’s Included:

  • Level 1: Beats, Sketches, and Ideas
  • 2: Analyze, Deconstruct, Recompose, and Assemble
  • Level 3: Synthesis and Original Sound Creation 
  • Level 4: Advanced Sound Creation
  •  Level 5: Advanced Effect Processing
  • Level 6: Going Global with your Music


Sound Design Complete Program:


Become fluent in the language of sound design and synthesis with this comprehensive program. This six-level Sound Design program for learning synthesis and sampling techniques.

Starting with an introduction to the properties of sound, this comprehensive series of courses covers most common synthesis methods available for music production in the DA.


Mixing and Mastering Program


Transform rough ideas and basic compositions into dance floor bangers and sonically pleasing commercial quality masters. Learn the well-kept industry secrets of EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects.


What’s Included:

  • Mixing and Mastering Level 1: Mix
  • Mixing and Mastering Level 2: Modify
  • Mixing and Mastering Level 3: Master