Violin Lessons with Jerusha Mendes

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Jerusha Mendes

Violin teacher with 5+ years of experience.

I am a professional western classical violinist. I have completed the Grade 8 from The Trinity School of Music London.  I have studied under the best teachers around the world and developed a unique and efficient teaching strategy that allows students to easily learn the violin. I have performed at National Centre of Performing Arts throughout my professional music career. I also received and won several awards and music competitions. I have been featured on BBC WORLD NEWS for a documentary on Maestro Zubin Mehta, a world class conductor, that was aired on his birthday. I have also worked with Hindustani artists like Maestro Amjed Ali Khan during his tour in Delhi.

Along with teaching, I have performed with the Bombay Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra of India.

In addition to my classical roots, I have also explored jamming and improvising in various genres and have performed in cultural fests.

My main goal is to maximize my students' results by providing them with the clearest step-by-step system to violin playing. I am a strong believer in music education being fun and easy, based on the idea that anything that we do naturally, we do without effort. 


  • A Violin 
  • No previous experience necessary
  • Willingness to practice at least 15-20mins a day

What you'll learn

  • Build a very intuitive and healthy violin and bow hold. These lessons will give you  a comprehensive and proper knowledge about the violin posture and hold!
  • Start learning some of the most popular tunes on the violin and impress your friends.
  • Learn to read music notation gradually, without effort, just by practicing the simple exercises in the course.
  • Learn very reliable practice strategies, which you can use to learn new songs.


Cracking The Violin Code is a completely new and innovative method for teaching the violin, All the information you need to start playing the violin with no previous experience is presented in a step-by-step, easy to understand fashion. Explanations are followed by exercises, exercises by songs, and songs are presented in a very simple way, so you learn them quickly, making the process fun and effective. Even if you have already started your training, this course is going to give you much deeper understanding about the violin and will help you improve much faster.

I'm available everyday between 9am - 8pm