Cannazo Cannaronil Syringe (5000MG/5GM)

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Rs. 5,999.00
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Cannazo Cannaronil 5000 mg

Vijaya Extract is pure form of the cannabis plant hence, it is extremely potent. Its consistency is similar to a thick paste & comprises of cannaboids terpenes flavanoids for the entourage effect.

*The ratio is an estimate as per overall results seen till now, can differ batch to batch.

composition :

Cannabis sativa Linn. (Vijaya Leaf Extract) 100%

Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids for the encourage effects. 

Available in 3 type (5gm) :

CBD RICH (4:1 ) – Rs. 5999 

THC RICH (1:4) – Rs. 6500

RAW BALANCED (1:1) - 5499




Every 1ml of this paste is equal to 1000mg.

So, 10% Vijaya Leaf Extract in 15ml(1.5ml) will be 1500mg and in 30ml (3ml) will be 3000mg.


Note: 30ml comes in 2 bottles. 


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