About Us

So, what is CBD Store India? CBD Store India is an Odyssey.

It is an ancient vision coming back to life it is the dreams of our ancestors it is their vision and thoughts

On the surface, it would appear that 'CBDStore.in' is self explanatory, in that it is a CBD store in India but when you scratch beneath the surface, you will find a multidimensional space that seamlessly blends Medical Cannabis, CBD, Fungi, Hemp, Herbal & other Innovative Supplements. 

You will find that the possibilities only begin with our products, we also have the privilege of having an elite multidisciplinary team of Doctors in Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Allopathic offering both consultations & prescriptions as well as long term treatment plans, the medical panel is complimented by our wonderful team of healers and experts. From yoga teachers, karlakattai gurus, Crystal and sound healers to certified counsellors.

And if you want to become a part of the hemp industry, we have options for Doctors, healers, artists, influencers and brands to work with us too! 

We asked ourselves the question 'what is the end goal or main objective of all medicine?' 

the answer we feel is 'providing the maximum possible synthesis of longetivity and quality of life'. To that effect, we have been making an effort to become a lamborghini of Natural Health & Alternatively lifestyle by bringing you its best products & services

Have you ever wondered when our ancestors first got there, that rich combination of herb combined it in those beautiful elegant engraved vessels looking to see what was it that transformed the human experience, it created the environment in which yoga, Kamasutra, the Vedas, the sitars and the mandalas.

CBD STORE India is at its core an attempt to revisit and reincarnate a culture that sought transformation in the mind body and soul. 

It is a marketplace for hemp, fungi, CBD, Medical Cannabis, Herbal products and it provides services like healing centres, classes, art services, etc. 

It is designed to be an immersive experience than just a store.