The benefits of adding various natural Fungi & Mushrooms to one’s life has a host of benefits! This exclusive collection curated by the Staff of CBD Store India contains cutting-edge products from brands like Elinor Organics, Rooted Active Naturals, Four Sigmatic, The Wellness Collective & more! 

It contains various elixirs, herbal teas, tinctures, extracts, powders, capsules & even raw Mushroom & Fungi Extracts that are produced using the latest technology! & even with organic packaging. It contains products like Chaga Mushroom & Reishii Mushroom Extracts, various kinds of Cordyceps extracts, Shiitake Mushroom Extracts, Lions Mane, Collagen & more! These products are created in such a way where they are super easy to consume & add to your lifestyle for a host of benefits! Such as strengthening immunity, boosting mental health & focus, improving sexual drive & stamina & even prevent diseases & naturally reduce stress! Some products curated by brands such as the Wellness Collective are imported & are exclusively available only on CBD Store India! 

At CBD Store India we want to make sure we’re not just home to the most cutting-edge, luxurious, medicinal cannabis products but also home to the most cutting-edge alternative healing products such as Mushroom & Funghi extracts. Explore them below & get ordering today!   

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