Curated collection for relaxation

Whether you’re a House Maker, A Business Owner, a Creative Professional or someone who’s looking for a break from the everyday, day-to-day chaos, CBD Store India’s exclusive collection curated for relaxation has something for everyone. These bundles contain Medicinal Cannabis Tinctures, Herbal Blends that can be used to make tea and as tobacco substitutes. CBD products that directly target certain ailments such as Migraines, Muscle Cramps, Joint Pain & even mental ailments such as anxiety, sleeping disorders, depression & even PTSD. 

These bundles also include non-CBD products Blue Tea Products, Reishi Mushroom, Funghi, Black Pepper, Giloy, and other life-changing herbs. For those that need a stronger dose of CBD, you can even choose from high-quality Full Spectrum Medical Cannabis pastes as well

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