What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a substance derived from the cannabis plant containing high amounts of the medicinal values.

Most CBD oil comes from industrial hemp rather than psychoactive strains; while the two plants are related, industrial hemp does not contain nearly as much psychoactive. 

In order to extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant, producers need to isolate the oil from the psychoactive component to ensure that the oil will not be psychoactive.

What is the full meaning of CBD?

The full form of CBD is cannabidiol, also known as cannabidiolum, it is also the term used for the non psychoactive molecules in the cannabis plant

What does CBD oil do?

To answer this, we need to take a step back to address the endocannabinoid system, a system within the body whose receptors (CB1 and CB2) have an enormous impact on our health and well-being.

"CB1 receptors in the brain are associated with emotions, mood, appetite, coordination, movement, and pain," explains Stormy Simon, the former president of Overstock.com who recently left the corporate world to become an advocate for cannabis. "CB2 receptors are found in the immune system and throughout tissues of the spleen and tonsils."

While CBD oil's benefits are still being tested, some studies connect Hemp oil to reducing the symptoms of epilepsyneuropathic and multiple sclerosis-related pain, and cancer. Many people also claim that CBD helps with anxiety.

How do I take CBD and at what dosage?

Before adding CBD oil to your regimen, as with any supplement, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that it's a good choice for you. This is especially true if you are taking certain anti-seizure medications.

CBD oil can be consumed in a myriad of ways: tinctures, oil vaping, capsules, sublinguals, or even topicals. When taking CBD, always follow the instructions on the package of the product you have purchased.

Can you get high from CBD oil?

No. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. While many Oils, particularly full-spectrum products, contain trace amounts of psychoactive component, it is not enough to make you high.

If you are at a risk for random drug tests, for example through your job, you may wish to choose a Oil that is entirely devoid of psychoactive component.

Are there side effects from taking CBD oil?

CBD oil is generally considered to be safe for most people, and few people experience side effects. A 2017 literature review, however, noted that CBD oil can be linked to the following side effects in some cases:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes to appetite
  • Changes to weight

It's important to note that the studies featured in this review mostly used higher doses of CBD oil than are generally available for over-the-counter use. The study authors also noted that more studies researching CBD side effects after "real chronic administration" would be necessary for a more conclusive safety profile.

Is CBD oil legal in india?

Contrary to some misconceptions, CBD is not banned in India. CBD and Vijaya are legal to purchase in India when purchased after consultation with a Doctor and receiving prescription for the same. We have a panel of Doctors whom you can consult and see if CBD or Vijaya is right for you and what your dosage is. Additionally only CBD products that come with a Lab Report and CoA from an accredited, certified third party lab are legal to buy as they ensure there are no illegal additives or other ethers


Is CBD oil safe? 

Generally, all Cannabis products, including CBD are safe, especially if orally consumed, however, if a person is suffering from liver issues, is pregnant or nursing, has glaucoma or very low blood pressure. It is recommended that they don't use CBD.

Where Do I Get Prescription?

We now have several medical experts on board that will be more than happy to guide you towards several aspects of your CBD treatment such as Dosage and treatment duration 

Additionally you require a prescription in order to make a purchase on our website. You have to buy the prescription only once for all your orders not only on CBDstore.in but on any medical cannabis store in all of India. The Doctor will provide you with a prescription after your Medical Consultation 

Please purchase prescription from the website by clicking here

Doctors on Board:

Dr. Syed Tahir (MD, MBBS, Allopathic)

Dr. Piyush Juneja (BAMS, PDCR)

Dr. Pramod Meshram (B.V.Sc. & A.H., M.V.Sc., Ph.D.)

Dr. Dashisha Suchiang (BHMS., Homeopathy)

Are CBD products legal in India?

CBD as an oral medical supplement is legal in India when sold or purchased with a prescription from a Doctor. It is illegal to sell or buy CBD Oil Tinctures without a prescription which is why we only dispatch our cannabis derived after we receive prescription for the same.

Where to buy CBD oil.

You can buy CBD oil in India from CBDstore.in, where all the carefully curated products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), a medical panel and a 24/6 support team.

Where can I get THC oil for cancer in India?

You can buy Vijaya Oil, which has high amounts of THC from us, www.CBDstore.in


What does full spectrum CBD oil mean?

When CBD oil is extracted and bottled without taking it through a chemical process, and the overall processing is minimal, it is full spectrum CBD oil. Full Spectrum CBD oil has 0.2% THC and a very rich and complex range of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBE, CBC, etc


What is broad spectrum CBD oil?

Broad spectrum oil is basically half a jug of CBD full spectrum and half a jug of CBD isolate, in some cases it can be highly processed and heated full spectrum to remove every last trace to THC. Generally a lot of other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC also get depleted in broad spectrums


What are the benefits of broad spectrum CBD oil?

Broad spectrum oil has 0.0% THC, in case your profession or sports endeavors require 0.0% THC in blood tests or urine tests, it is highly useful


What is the best CBD oil in India?

This is like asking what tea is the best in India. Each CBD manufacturer brings a unique formulation carefully designed via a collab between chemists and hemp artisans and each formulation interacts in it's own wag with the human body. Find out which CBD oil is made for you at www.CBDstore.in

Where Do We Ship?

We are shipping across India


What is RSO good for?

Rso or Vijaya, as a result of the high quantity of THC can provide a huge amount of relief and be help with sleep, this is particularly useful for people in very painful conditions.


How long does RSO take to work?

Rso works instantly.


How long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain relief?

Generally in about 15 minutes the pain relief effects of CBD become apparent 

Is CBD oil and hemp oil the same?

No, if I were to give an analogy: Hemp is like fish oil, CBD is like alaskan salmon caviar oil, CBD is present in some very select strains of hemp and is carefully isolated and emulsified to be added to your tincture.


Does CBD oil work as well as hemp oil?

There is a reason that CBD oil is ten times as expensive as hemp seed oil, it takes a lot of hemp plants to produce as little as 1000mg of CBD, which interacts with the endocannabiniod system and has several mental and physical health benefits that hemp oil doesnt.


Is hemp oil better than CBD oil?

No, hemp oil is nutritious but does not possess the physical and mental health benefits that CBD oil does. also CBD oil, unlike hemp oil interacts with the endo cannabinoid system and alleviates anxiety and physical pain.


Is hemp CBD oil good?

CBD Oil made from hemp is very beneficial for health, it is different but not lower in quality than Bud extracted CBD Oil.


Hemp oil Vs CBD oil for anxiety.

While hemp oil is certainly extremely nutritious it has absolutely no value in helping with anxiety or any psychological condition


Can you take hemp and CBD together?

Yes, having a diet with hemp seeds and hemp oil highly compliments your CBD intake.


What are CBD edibles?

CBD isolate can be mixed with a large variety of items such as Honey, gummies, chocolate, etc. CBD edibles are created by hemp artisan who work with the fine balance of handling the temperature of the bake as well as ensuring the CBD is equally distributed in each bite.


What is the difference between CBD edibles and CBD oil?

CBD edibles are made when CBD isolate is emulsified with food. CBD oil can be full spectrum, broad spectrum and can be directly consumed.


Where can I buy CBD honey?

You can buy CBD Honey in India exclusively from CBDstore.in : Soma Flora Himalayan Floral Honey.

What are the benefits of CBD honey?

CBD honey has very high bioavailability of CBD and has a slow release mechanism which ensures CBD is distributed in your blood in small quantities throughout the day, plus the additional physical and mental health benefits of honey.

Is CBD oil is good for arthritis?

The anti inflammatory effect of CBD definitely hells alleviate several symptoms of arthritis


Why buy CBD online in India?

On online marketplaces such as www.cbdstore.in you will find a carefully curated collection of high quality CBD products which are delivered to your doorstep.


Is there a market for CBD oil?

Yes, Industry projections indicate a constant upward trajectory of growth for the next 5 years. Come join this revolution and sign up to an affiliate for CBDstore.in


Does CBD oil help with anger?/Does CBD make you irritable?

CBD as a result of it's interaction with the endo cannabinoid system ensures that there is a steady delivery of dopamine and serotonin in your blood stream, these chemicals play a significant part in controlling episodes of anger, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, mania, tourettes, irritability and can play a large role in calming a person down by Stabilizing his or her mood.


Will CBD help me calm down?

Yes, CBD can play a huge part in calming people down as it's anti inflammatory nature causes physical relaxation which by James Lange Theory can calm your mind. Additionally it's interaction with the endocannabinoid system releases several hormones associated with calmness.


Can CBD oil help with mental clarity?

CBD can play a huge part in providing clarity by releasing serotonin which relaxes your mind from the torrent of mental emotions and achieve a degree of mental clarity.


Does CBD help for meditation?

CBD is a very helpful tool for meditation, as it relaxes your body, it makes it easier for you to let go and become one with nature. The anti anxiety effect of CBD further silences your emotions to make it easier for you to not get distracted.


What is best for bone healing?/ Does CBD help fractures?

Two factors that play a huge part in recovery of fractures, tendonitis, muscle tears, ligament tears, broken joints and bones is sleep, pain relief and anti inflammation (cooling) effect. CBD is the best anti inflammatory supplement you can take, it's basically an internal iced blanket, adding CBD to your rehabilitation process can probably decrease recovery time by about 20%.

Which CBD is best for weight loss?

CBD oil ensures you have a healthy balanced appetite by it's anti stress properties and it's anti inflammatory properties allow you to train harder than usual and recover faster for the next round


Does CBD make tinnitus worse?

The evidence is insufficient and inconclusive to ascertain CBD can be a useful treatment for tinnitus, some studies have indicated it may worsen symptoms hence individuals are advised to wait until more studies are concluded and more research is published.


Does CBD oil help eczema and psoriasis?

CBD as a result of it's anti inflammatory properties can alleviate several symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, arthritis that are aggravated by inflammation.


Can CBD make allergies worse?

CBD can neither make your allergies worse or better, it has no effect in that department. If you are allergic to cannabis or help based products, you should avoid CBD.


Is CBD oil bad for IBS? / Can CBD help with constipation?

CBD as a result of it's anti inflammatory nature can help with several intestinal and digestive problems such as IBS, constipation, acidity, gastritis, haemorrhoids, etc.


How much CBD should I take for menstrual cramps?

CBD as a result of it's anti inflammatory properties can definitely have a soothing effect and decrease the burning sensation that is accompanied by menstrual cramps, UTI, rashes.


Can you use CBD oil for nausea? / How long does it take for CBD oil to work for nausea?

CBD has been shown to be particularly helpful in alleviating symptoms of nausea for individuals undergoing chemotherapy, withdrawal or cleansing therapies.


Can CBD help you focus?

Yes, as CBD is non psychoactive, it does not cause the lack of focus usually associated with THC. You can combine your CBD dosage with a cup of coffee for enhanced focus and concentration.


Can I get addicted to CBD oil?

While addiction can happen even over burgers, CBD oil is not addictive or designed in a way to make the user feel withdrawal symptoms, however it is recommend to not make a habit of using CBD for sleep.


Does CBD kill anxiety?

CBD has been shown in several tears to alleviate symptoms of anxiety which in turn decreases it's manifestations such as panic attacks, bulimia, anorexia, overeating disorders.


Does CBD really work for anxiety?

Several tests were conducted on both humans and aliens, wherein CBD, THC and Placebos were administered over a 6 month period. The tests concluded that CBD was effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety in 80% of the participants that used it. It is to be noted, you should go for a high quality full spectrum CBD as that is the best for anxiety and while it does not work immediately, you will be surprised with the results you see in a month in treatment

Can CBD oil make your anxiety worse?

No, CBD oil has been demonstrated in several tests to have a largely positive influence in terms of reducing anxiety


What medications does CBD interfere with?

It is best to consult a Doctor and explain your medical history and current treatment. This will allow the Doctor to judge whether you can use CBD and what your dosage should be.


Can you have a bad reaction to CBD oil?

If you have liver problems, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have glaucoma, low BP, you should not take CBD as there may be some side effects or bad reactions.


Where do you rub CBD for headaches?

Topically applying or rubbing CBD does not help with headaches, it has be ingested. While it can be provide some relief for cluster headaches, likely a product more 'psychotropic' would be more helpful.


Cbd for Migranes 

We have received several positive stories from customers who have been using CBD for migraines. Aside from scientific research out there our personal experience also attests to the same.


Does CBD inhibit muscle growth?

No, CBD only helps accelerate muscle growth, never inhibits it. If it was harmful for muscles, it would not be be used by so many sportsmen around the world.


Is CBD oil a muscle relaxant?

CBD as a result of it's interaction with the endo cannabinoid system releases serotonin, which relaxes muscles and can be helpful in several issues like muscle spasms, cramps, spasticity, hyper activity syndrome, etc. in terms of recovery and treatment.


Does CBD improve skin?

The definition of improve perhaps changes person to person, CBD can definitely keep your skin inflammation free and give it a fresher look.


What does CBD do for skin?

CBD can certainly help oily skin, acne and other inflammation related issues as a result of it's anti inflammatory properties.


What is the best CBD oil for skin?

CBD oils that are blended with skin friendly essential oils are the best for your skin.


Can you put CBD oil on your face?

Try putting specially designed CBD face serums for your face.


Is CBD good for sports?

CBD, as a result of it's anti inflammatory properties decreases the recovery time after training sessions as well as allows for longer training sessions by slowing the increase of body temperature whole training. Additionally, it's interaction with the endo cannabinoid system causes secretion of serotonin which increases good uninterrupted sleeping hours. CBD is used by several athletes, pro MMA fighters such as Nate Diaz, Cain Velasquez, Clay Guida, Andre Arlowski. It is also used by pro footballer Rob Grokonski.


CBD for schizophrenia

While CBD does not completely suppress the symptoms of schizophrenia, it is a good option in terms of providing relief and decreasing severity of symptoms.


What strain of CBD is best for Parkinson's?

Full Spectrum CBD with decent concentrations of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC helps the most in neurological issues like Parkinson's, it particularly helps with tremors and is widely used as medication to treat symptoms of parkinsons.


Does CBD oil help sexually?

CBD oil can certainly decrease anxiety and stress which as a byproduct can help you sexually. We recommend pairing your CBD dosage with our Cordyceps and your favorite coffee.


Can you use CBD oil as lube?

In theory you can even use apple juice as a lube. Rather than using CBD made for oral consumption, you should purchased CBD lubes that are specially designed to work as lubricants and smell better than your usual full spectrum hemp tincture.


Is CBD okay for cats?

Yes, although as many cat parents would be well aware, the adorable munchkins take it for granted any food served to them must have a strong smell of meat, the felines are not generally respectful of our intentions to medicatenif not accompanied by a delicious taste. Which is why we suggest you go for products like Soma Flora Salmon Oil CBD Cat tincture, with delicious salmon oil for your tiny paw monster. Cats also have a endo cannabinoid system and hence can easily digest CBD.