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An overview of the processes and operations we undertake to make your brand a major player in the world of Indian cannabis and alternative health products consumer

  • 24/6 Sales Team
  • Inhouse SEO team
  • Inhouse Graphics and Photography
  • Inhouse Content Writers
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Team
  • Inhouse B2B Operations
  • Highly qualified medical team
  • International Expansion¬†
  • Event and physical presence management¬†

24/6 Sales Team

We have had the privilege of having a highly trained and experienced sales team that have been working with us for over 2 years and have understood the nuts and bolts of welcoming and fulfilling the requirements of the customers of the Indian Cannabis and Alternative Health industry 

From understanding the legal requirements to seamlessly coordinating with Doctors and shipping services, our team ensures your customers get their prescriptions, tracking IDs and a 24/6 support. 

Yes, the only time we are unavailable is on Sundays 5pm to 6am the next day. 

We take great pride in being able to provide a top of the line customer care and support team that not only meets but easily exceeds global benchmarks

In House SEO Services

We believe seeing is believing when it comes to SEO and we encourage you to see how we are placed on Google. 

We have successfully managed to in many cases even outperform long established brands in search rankings when it comes to their own products on our website. A simple and thorough search on Google shows what has achieved for brands on its platform. 

SEO is an art form perhaps like swimming or riding a bicycle in a hiking trial, it takes a lot of 'feel' and has nuances that need to come together like musicians in an opera

Whether it's the tags, the backlinks, the use of keywords people look out for, the blogs, the alt tags, the visitor count, its all a grand symphony we will be playing on your behalf

Inhouse content writers 

We have content writers in our team that come with years of experience in content writing, and with more than a year working with us at they have understood all the legal and technical requirements, all the keywords that Google looks out for and the mainly the words so many of our customers wish to hear. 

We have the ability with our content team to build a seamless bridge between your product and its end user by providing an accurate, fun to read and informative content stream of blogs and videos that promotes your product and reviews for the same

Launching with us means our content writers are committed to regularly create great content for your brand. From articles to blogs to your descriptions. Yes, we use unique images and descriptions for all of our products. 

Inhouse Graphics and Photography ::

At, we have four in house graphics and video creators as well as two photographers, with an added ability to secure talented models and beautiful locations we can ensure that your visual assets will be top of the line. 

Our content writer further ensures that all the captions, scripts, tags and words that go with your content are fine tuned to the requirements of our potential and existing customers 

Additionally this means that every week on all of our social media channels there will be beautiful images representing your products

Marketing Team and Influencer Management::

We have pioneered a system that enables us to reach out to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers via a complex and intricate combination of techniques. Our team has presence on every social media platform as well as strong experience in targeting the correct groups/spaces to reach out to a relevant audience. The combination of our graphics, photography, SEO and written content team ensures all the marketing done for your brand is truly rich in quality

We additionally provide influencer services wherein we offer you a range of over 200 influencers to choose from to represent your product and brand. We offer various options to work with influencers on YouTube and Instagram: video posts, reviews, photo posts, story reels, we create the sturdiest possible bridge between your brand and its influences so that we can extract the maximum possible benefits from the collaboration 

Inhouse B2B Operations::

We have a complete team dedicated purely to database collection of potential stores, clinics, centres, services and organisations who can buy your products in bulk as well as white label products from you. This applies even if you are not a manufacturer and simply open to working with your manufacturer to offer interesting products with white labelling possibilities to our clients

Integration with our Medical Team::

We have for about 3 years now, working with a range of Doctors specialising in Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Allopathic Doctrines of medicine with further specialisation in departments like Oncology, Orthopaedics, Psychology complimented with a support team of nutritionists, physios, yoga instructors and other health specialists. We have fine tuned and selected the best among the hundreds of health experts that have approached us since we started. 

In fact the current system of celebrating your medical panel via banners and sharing their stories was pioneered and innovated by us at 

Product Development and White Labelling::

We take great pride in our ability to create unique high quality products that bring together the best of both science and art when it comes to creating products that resonate with the 21st Health and Soul conscious customer. 

We take full advantage of the fact that India enjoys an extremely diverse and rich fauna and our added access to the forest department allows us to source the highest quality of Flora India has to offer at the most base prices. India also enjoys the world's most affordable services, hiring experts in formulations, R & D, sales as well as designing and producing beautiful packaging. We promise to build you a Tesla at the price of a Tata. 

We have successfully designed products for several brands such as RVD, Sisters of the Valley, Soma Flora, etc. 

We have as a result of our travels and efforts managed to be able to source natural raw materials for you from the highest heights in Binsar Forest in Uttarakhand to the Permaculture farms in Auroville in Tamil Nadu. 

Physical Locations Visibility and Event Management :

We strongly believe in the power of presence

Having presence and visibility in the right locations can always make a big difference 

We have team members in Kasardevi, Pune, Auroville, Goa, Pushkar, Mumbai and all of us have a combined experience of over 60 years in working and living with the 'hippie and spiritual' scenes in these places. 

From getting your graffiti on a wall to distributing your pamphlets via newspapers to getting your posters on a prominent location, we can get it all done. Even when it comes to working with prominent individuals and brands in these locations, we can lay out an elaborate selection of options for you to work with in order to build visibility in any location in India

International Expansion::

Whether you are a brand or company outside of India looking to enter the Indian Market or whether you are an Indian company or brand looking to expand internationally. We can say this for sure, our international team can see you from start to finish, One of the  Pillars of CBD Store India is our sister company Featherscale setup by our Co-founder Blake Luvon who will ensure you have a honest assessment and guidance as well as manage all the relationships required to bring your product to India or outside of India to the US, EU, UK and Oceania Markets

We can manifest the brand of your dreams, connect with us on WhatsApp at 919769656935