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Hemp Clothing

At CBD Store India we’re not just home to some of the most Cutting-Edge, Luxurious & Ultra-Premium Medicinal Cannabis Products but we’re also home to all things Hemp! That also includes Hemp Clothing! Hemp Clothing is taking the world by storm, due to its sustainable properties. It’s also extremely durable, odour resistant & is even anti-bacterial. Which means it’s great for sensitive skin!

Curated with ultra-premium brands such as OUTERBODY Labs & other homemade brands from Auroville! Most of these products are Hand-Made, Super Organic & made to order! This means when you place an order, only then is a piece of Hemp Clothing created just for you! This means that you’re also contributing to saving the planet! 

In fact, did you know? Hemp takes 70% Less Water to produce compared to Cotton, Silk & others! & the best part? This fabric is just a by-product to a plant that already has a range of uses! 

Explore the range of Hemp T-Shirts, Hemp Jackets, Hemp Pants, Hemp Shirts & more! We’re constantly adding more brands & different kinds of accessories! Once you go Hemp you can never go back because this material will change your life in the best way possible. Explore the range below and stay tuned for more. Get ordering till then! 

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