CBD for Pets

Whether its your pup or your cub, they deserve the best. We got some tasty CBD treats for your cat and dog. 

Pampering them sweetuns is our duty after allWhen it comes to the goodness of Medicinal Cannabis & the range of benefits CBD provides why let your furry best friends miss out on the benefits? Studies show that even your pets are prone to stress, anxiety, depression & other bone and heart problems. Our range of CBD Oils & Hemp products from brands like Cure By Design, Cannavedic, Noigra, Neet are designed in the most premium way ever & are perfect for your furry friends to experience all the benefits they deserve. 

In fact here are the benefits of your pets consuming CBD Oil: 

Effective painkiller

Pets experience body pain and the cause for this can be numerous factors such as surgery, fractures, age, etc. When used consistently, CBD oil can reduce pain and help in treating chronic diseases effectively.


Due to its medicinal properties, CBD also acts as an anti-inflammatory oil. 

Reduces anxiety

Just like us, our pets also face bouts of anxiety. Thunderstorm, separation, or car anxiety can have a grave impact on their health. CBD can eventually calm them down.

Healthy skin and coat

The skin is the largest organ and needs care on a daily basis, application of CBD oil as per your pet’s health requirements has shown promising results by improving the fur texture.

Aids bone and joint health

With growing age, our pets have to face their greatest nemesis, arthritic pain. CBD oil is equally potent when it comes to treating senior pets inflicted with arthritis.

The best part? We have Vets on-board who can after a consultation determine the right dosage that’s safe and harmless. For products that don’t have CBD or THC no prescription is required.

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