Cannavedic Pet CBD Oil

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Cannavedic Pet CBD oil is formulated with the highest quality CO2 extracted broad spectrum extracts and MCT coconut oil. Our products are 100%natural, THC free, preservative free, cruelty free. We believe that all pets are family and deserve the best quality premium ingredients so they can live a happy and strong life!


Dosage :

Your pet’s CBD oil dosage will depend on a lot of factors like by their body weight, age, diet and their medical condition. We recommend starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing it as necessary.

General starting dosage :

Small under 10kg, start with 4-5 drops (0.1ml) at a time.

Large over 10kgs, start with 9-10 drops(0.2ml) at a time.


How it works:
Like humans, pets too have an Endo-cannabinoid system, which is responsible for modulating the critical body functions and keep the body at balance or homeostasis. An imbalance in the endo-cannabinoid system is the root cause of most acute and chronic diseases. CBD interacts with the ECS and helps the body come back to it’s natural balanced state. This is why CBD is so effective against so many different ailments and has no side effects.