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UrHemped Specializes in Potent & Powerful Medical Cannabis & CBD products based on their legendary Triple Refinement Extraction System

If your priority is potency and purity of the Medical Cannabis Extract in your product then UrHemped is undoubtedly the manufacturing partner you are seeking

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and patented machinery, we produce the finest CO2-extracted Medical Cannabis Extract in India, setting new standards for excellence.

Certifications and Legality

Worried about the legal aspects of entering the Medical Cannabis industry in India? Given both the stigma and laws regarding recreational cannabis, it's very logical to have these concerns. Allow us to explain how we legally create medical cannabis products for our clients:

  1. An Ayush Complaint Ayurvedic Manufacturing facility can acquire the license from AYUSH to manufacture Medical Cannabis formulations
  2. After Acquiring the certifications from the Excise department, the facility can purchase raw material (Cannabis Sativa L)
  3. The facility which has both these certifications can go on to engage in third party manufacturing of AYUSH products, including medical cannabis for clients

UrHemped fulfills all the above requirements needed to third party manufacture your Medical Cannabis Brand

We hold all the necessary licences and certifications, including cGMP, Vegan, Halal, and Kosher. Our operations are fully compliant with the Ministry of AYUSH, and we have the licenses required from the Ayush & Excise department that enable us to create medical cannabis brands for our clients as per the complainces of the Ayush Department 

Notable Brands We've Helped Create

Join the ranks of successful Medical Cannabis brands that have chosen Hemped Souls as their manufacturing partner:

  • Soma Flora
  • Ziel & Ukiyo
  • Father Made
  • Pree
  • Neet
  • PolyHerbals

Get Started Today

How to Start Process of Brand Launch 

Get in touch

First we would like to ask you, what is your vision of your brand?

Let us share a few examples. 

  1. Our Client Divyan is a champion bodybuilder and he has built a brand that is infused with L Argine and Taurine and Multivitamins along with Cannabis Extract to provide relaxation & recovery
  2. Our Client Karan runs a clinic for seniors with orthopaedic problems, he has built a brand with Vijaya infused with minerals & nutrients that can help alleviate pains and issues
  3. Our Client Meghna worked with several major skincare brands such as shehnaz Hussein & Forest Essentials and decided to start her own Skincare brand, with the addition of CBD!

So we ask you, what is the brand you want to manifest? Create your concept and visit our office, we will assess the feasibility of your concept and do our best to come as close as  your vision and share with you the pricing for the same.

Our Minimum order value is Rs 5.5 lakhs, you receive 1000000 mg of triple refined Golden Extract for this amount

 If you choose you can make 1000 units of 1000mg tinctures or 100 units of 10000mg pure extract or 10000 units of 100mg massage lotions

If you want to add any herbal extracts to your formulation, we are happy to provide you with testing to check whether the combination of your selected additives with Vijaya is feasible & enjoyable. We will provide you with catalogues and details of several herbal extracts manufacturers, from whom you can buy and send us the herbal extracts of your choice to emulsify with our patented Golden Extract

Additionally, We will connect you with several manufacturing companies that can create your packaging: Labels, Bottle/Jar & Case/Carton. Our team will assist you before you finalize to ensure your packaging follows the guidelines and regulatory compliances set by various departments such as AYUSH, NDPS, Excise, IMA and ensure there is no violation of any law or rule within Drugs & Cosmetics Act


So this is how the Pricing approximately comes up to when you start your own brand:

5.5 Lakh : 10 lakh mg of Triple Refined License & Marketing License

50000 - 100000 : Cost of Wholesale Purchase of Herbal Extracts (if you choose to add them to your formulation)

150000 - 200000 : Approx Cost of High Quality Packaging 

Additional Benefits:

Guaranteed Prime Listing (First 5 products) on for 60 days

Free Product Development Consultations

Free Consultations & Prescriptions for your customers from the medical panels of & Urhemped

Call: +91 9311 840 877, or write to us at

Customizable Formulations

We understand that standing out in the market is crucial. That's why we offer custom Ayurvedic formulations based on ancient scriptures. Our in-house research and development team works tirelessly to ensure the efficacy and purity of your unique formulation. When you partner with us, you're guaranteed a product and brand that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Your dream CBD brand is just a call or email away. Join the ranks of successful CBD entrepreneurs who have partnered with Hemped Souls International LLP. The future of CBD in India is bright, and we're here to help you shine!