Moksa Rose & Hibiscus, Moroccan Mint and Chamomile Flowers Tea - Combo

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Rose and Hibiscus Oolong: This partially oxidized whole leaf tea blended with Hibiscus and Rose petals lifts the aromatic experience to its best. Full of antioxidants that support the immune and circulatory systems, this tea helps reduce stress too.

Chamomile: Synonymous with calm, chamomile is among the most well-known stress soothing teas. Used in folk medicine for thousands of years, Chamomile as a botanical is a great source of flavone antioxidants. It has properties which induce sleep and aid in digestion. The floral sweet fragrance of whole dried flowers and a light airy taste is something that most people enjoy.

Moroccan Mint Acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body against the formation of cancerous cells.

Package Content: 3 Teas in a Tea Sampler Gift Set

Ingredients : Chamomile Flowers, Green Tea with Mint Flavor, Oolong Tea with Rose Petals, Natural Rose Extract and Hibiscus Petals.

Green tea can reduce anxiety, boost memory and attention, and increase overall brain function.

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