Children's Neuro Relief Initiative

We have started an initiative wherein we have made several programmes to help Children with neurological issues. They are:

a.) WhatsApp group for parents with children who have Neurological issues

we understand that parents need to talk to someone who is already giving CBD to their child or even simply require other parents to share their experiences with.

With Regard to this, we are reqching out to our customers to come together and help each other

If you are a parent who has a child with epilepsy or autism, please join this group and share whatever inputs you can to bring more light and support wirhin the group

You can reach out to us at or send a WhatsApp message at 9769656935

b.) Free Tinctures to 6 Patients a month

we understand the high costs in taking care of children with neurological issues, and we know CBD is not affordable for many people

With that in mind, we will be giving out 6 free tinctures to parents who have Children with epilepsy or autism starting from June 15, 2020

We require recommendation for your Doctor to send the CBD medication

c.) Collabaration with Professional Artists

We have several artists on board who are extremely happy to conduct classes with children for free. Whether it's reading stories to children or taking singing and dancing classes for special children we have a very enthusiastic and skilled team of artists from around the world, conducting live classes on zoom, google meet and even in person completely free of cost.

d.) Philantrophy and donations

you can buy CBD tinctures at highly discounted rates for special children. After you purchase for a special child, we send the next parent or parents who require a free tincture, a tincture with a note mentioning the tincture is a gift from you and you will be sent an email with details of who got the tincture you donated

You can also buy one on one sessions with our professional artists at highly discounted rates for children. After the session is completed, both you and the parent of the child will be sent an email informing about the session details

e.) Special Arts Initiative

We know and understand encouragement goes a very long way. Whether it's a picture painted by a special child or a song sung, we will post rhe content in our gallery as well as our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Furthermore as part of our initiative, our staff places special children as the highest priority and the wait time for parents in terms of medical consultations and shipping queques are significantly shortened