Chaga Mushroom extract |Blood Sugar, Heart & Immunity (650 mg|120 Fungi Caps)

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An Anti-Ageing, Immunity-Boosting Powerhouse Chaga Is Packed Full Of Bio Compounds, Antioxidants & Skin-Protecting Melanin To Support Overall Wellness.

Great For: Immunity + Heart health, May Supports Healthy Cholesterol, Blood sugar, Collagen, Strong Antioxidant & Adaptogen
Made From: Pure Chaga Mushroom Fruit Body, no fillers or mycelium etc. Hot water extraction of essential bio active compounds such as ¬¬ Beta (1>3),(1>6)-glucans; triterpenoids


Chaga Mushrooms have been used for centuries in Northern Europe and Russia as a traditional medicine to improve overall health and immunity. They're known for having the highest antioxidant content of any food (Chaga Mushrooms may have an ORAC value of 146,700). To extract key bio compounds in the powder, we use only the fruit bodies of the Chaga Mushroom. Veg Capsules that are simple to take.

Chaga Mushroom's Known Health Benefits Include:

  • Immune Support: Beta Glucans and other substances may modulate the immune system by acting as immunomodulators. Chaga may also assist the immune system by regulating the synthesis of cytokines.
  • Lower Blood Sugar & Cholesterol: Many macromolecules, including polysaccharides, proteins, dietary fibers, and others, have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Support for Collagen: Collagen is a major component of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Chaga has been shown to aid in the formation of collagen in the human body.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Supports cardiovascular health by lowering blood sugar, and blood pressure, and reducing triglycerides/bad cholesterol.
  • Chaga may contain betulin, a precursor to betulinic acid, which may help to combat cancer cells.
  • Super Adaptogens are substances that assist the body to adapt to or avoiding stress (psychological, physical, and environmental).
  • These mushrooms are high in antioxidants, which may help to scavenge free radicals in the body, delaying cellular oxidation and breakdown. This translates to less inflammation, fewer chronic diseases, and more graceful aging.