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Hemp Dog Treat:

Ask any Dog Owner; dogs love their 'greens', whether it's random plants from the garden, some veggies and the 'herb seeds.'

Naturally, we asked ourselves how we could elevate this lust for Hemp in our respective pups? There's CBD for dogs, but thats more of medicine than a daily fun treat. We know doggies love biscuits, and we know they love Hemp (a lot of unintentional R & D led us to this conclusion)

So we at Hemp Planet got together with some of the legendary french and Italian bakers at Auroville and told them our puppy just went vegan, won't eat meat, has become pretentious, preaches us about global warming and has started wearing a hipster hat too. So we need to male Hemp Biscuits to pacify his ego and pride.

And so we created Hemp Biscuits for dogs, combining the omega acids, proteins and other health benefits of Hemp along with high-quality raw ingredients from the permaculture farms of Auroville to synthesize the ultimate hemp doggy biscuits. We heard dog angels go 'aaaaaaaaaaahhh' when the first product got packed.

Ingredients include: hemp seed flour, ragi flour, peanut butter, and hemp seed oil.
Recommended daily amount :
Small dogs: 1 or 2
Large dogs 2 or 3

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