Nana Vedik Ekel Sar Tulsi Capsules (60 capsules)

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The EKEL SAR Tulsi capsules have been derived from 100 per cent pure Tulsi extract. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and is highly invaluable because of its anti-inflammatory effect. Tulsi contains Oleanolic acid and Linalool, both of which make it an excellent aid in overcoming various health conditions and strengthening immunity.

TULSI Benefits

Benefits of Tulsi Capsules

Good for Heart – Tulsi is one of the best ingredients for the heart, it regulates not only blood sugar but also the good and bad cholesterol levels which has a huge impact on our overall functioning of the heart and valves.

Body Building – Every male or female is running behind to have a great body but they are unaware Tulsi is amazing for Body-Building as it increases Testosterone levels in our body. Research shows it has direct and indirect positive effects on the level of our testosterone. Try Tulsi capsules for this benefit.

Improves Memory – Having a good memory is one of the most important things to lead a successful life. Tulsi is great for our neurons and their activity. This enhances the memory and overall focusing abilities of the mind.

Cough & Cold – Cold and Cough are a very common problem in every age group of people and especially in this time of corona, even a minor problem of cold seems to be dangerous. Tulsi capsules has been served to all those who suffer from cold and viral even dry cough.

Hair – You can also apply Tulsi on hair for multiple reasons and will easily make your hair look more beautiful. Tulsi prevents hair fall and stops dandruff and also prevents dry scalp.

Indications : Helpful in Boosting Immune System.

Dosage : 1 capsules twice a day with luke warm water or as directed by physician, To be taken under medical Supervision.

Keep out of reach of children. Keep the bottle cap tightly closed. 

Store in cool & dry place 

Protect from Sunlight.