New Resolutions Bundle

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New Resolutions Bundle 

1 X Citrus CBD Sublingual Spray .

1 X Hemp Planet Auroville Hemp Shampoo Bar.

1 X Rooted Active Naturals Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract.


Refresh your vessel in 2021 so it can take you to new heights to bliss and harmony. This is exactly what CBD products like the sublingual pen do! This carefully curated bundle knows exactly how to keep you steady and centred with the precision of the Citrus CBD sublingual pen for your CBD Oil needs, the nourishing composition of hemp shampoo and the wondrous health benefits of mushrooms from Rooted Naturals.

Affirmation: I act from my centre with a deliberate intention.




1. Citrus CBD Sublingual Spray. 

 Looking for fast relief? Atomize some pure non-hemp CBD under your tongue with Citrus CBD Sublingual Spray. The Pinpoint Dosing of exactly 1mg per spray makes it easy to administer an accurate dose of citrus-based CBD every time. You’ll find that each spray packs a lot of cannabidiol into very little liquid, which allows you to administer multiple milligrams in a single session. Never worry about tincture droppers again. This atomized spray takes all the guesswork and mess out of sublingual delivery

The only CBD product that is guaranteed to be THC free and provide repeatable outcomes. Citrus CBD is pure bio identical CBD and nothing else.


2. Hemp Planet Auroville Shampoo Bar 

Hand made Hemp Shampoo Bar with patchouli and lavender and packaged in all natural biodegradable banana leaf and recycled paper.



3. Rooted Active Naturals -Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder | Pure Fruit Body

Well known to be used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as Native American Herbalism Turkey Tail mushrooms have powerful healing properties. 

Some known benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms are: Immune Support through Krestin (PSK), Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) & other compounds, Anti-Cancer Properties via the active compound PolysaccharideK (PSK), aids Gut, Digestion & Liver health because it’s rich in pre-biotic fibres and helps detoxify & reduce oxidative liver stress, it’s rich in Antioxidants and Super Adaptogens that help the body adapt to or resist things that cause stress. It is also known to boost the Qi (Chi) – our life force!

Composed of:

Pure Turkey Tail Fruit Body, no fillers or mycelium etc. Hot water extraction of essential bio active compounds such as Polysacharides, polysaccharopeptide (PSP) and polysaccharide-K (PSK) etc.


More Information:

Storage Info:
Store in a dry place with lid/pack securely closed.

Keep out of reach of children. Consult a physician If you are pregnant or nursing; have or had a medical condition; are taking prescription drugs. Nutraceutical, not for medical use.

There have been no side effects that have been reported or observed so far.


The information provided here has been derived from Rooted Active Naturals.