OUTERBODY LABS - Boundaries Are Fun - UNISEX HEMP T-shirt

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OUTERBODY Labs Small-Batch Handmade HEMP T-Shirts. (PREORDER ONLY)

Hi Deer,

We live in a strange world indeed. And TwentyTwenty has been stranger. And in this strange world, what’s even stranger is that no one is using HEMP Fabric as much as they should. (Oh yes, we did our research)

In a nutshell here’s the thing about HEMP:

  • It’s the most Breathable Fabric in the World.
  • Absolutely Minimalistic water usage.
  • It’s so eco-friendly. It’s not even funny.
  • Yes it is made from Cannabis. But you cannot smoke it. Or get high while wearing it.
  • It’s as Light As Your Soul.
  • Never absorbs Smell.
  • It’s perfect for Humid Temperatures.
  • It’s super healthy for the Soil.

Here’s where OUTERBODY Labs comes in.

OUTERBODY Labs is an Independent Artist Lab that focuses on creating Small-Batch HEMP T-Shirts & Artisanal Accessories made in unison with some of the most talented Indie Visual Artists from around the world. Now that you know about us. Here’s something you should know about your OUTERBODY Labs Small-Batch Handmade HEMP T-Shirt:

  • We use a blend of 55 % HEMP & 45 % Organic Cotton.
  • OUTERBODY Labs does not believe in the concept of Size, Color, Religion, Sex or any other archaic concept, that we believe is holding us back.
  • Hence we call our S***** Fits. And our fits are available in
  • Comfortable & Super-Comfortable.
  • Upon request if our T-Shirt does not suit you, send it back to us. And we’ll custom make one for you.
  • Our unique embroidered lines our thought of in the Shower.
  • We use Natural Vegetable INK for our Dyes.
  • Our T-Shirts are designed for even the most Sensitive Skin Types.
  • Because of the insane amounts of comfort level you might experience you might not want to take your OUTERBODY Labs T out for days. For hygienic reasons. We wouldn’t recommend this Deer.
  • Our T-Shirts our Designed on a Made-To-Order basis. (Why create more than what’s required?)
  • Yes, we’re premium priced that’s only because of how unfair we’ve been to HEMP. It’s time to take our Power back.
  • We’re tired of seeing the same old, stale culture inspired prints. We want fresh words, written originally. And with a message.
Please Note: Delivery will take a Week to 10 Days once Payment is processed. When we mean Small-Batch, Handmade & Artisanal. We mean it. But go ahead. You won’t regret it. Good things take time Deer.

What’s in the Package:

  • 1 X OUTERBODY Labs Premium HEMP T-Shirt.

  • 1 X Up cycled Organic Tote Bag.

Care Instructions.

  • 1 X Good Vibes AF.

  • 1 X Boosted Self-Esteem.

Follow us on Instagram to stay updated, Deer. Stay fresh. Stay HEMP.


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