TWIEE SOUL Cannabis Tincture (Reconnect & Reflect) 3000 MG - 30 ML

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TWIEE SOUL Cannabis Tincture (Reconnect and Reflect) 3000 MG - 30 ML

Twiee is a smile (subtle , subconscious, subliminal) of concresence of meaning and truth felt in felt presence of the moment. Twiee- Expect Miracles has been conceived to become one of the leading Ayurvedic Cannabis companies in India with a “Made in India” product, focused on bringing wellness to individuals across the country.

Cannabis or the Hemp plant has been used medicinally since times immemorial. It acts on our endo-cannabinoid system, which is an internal regulatory system present in our body and acts as an integral component of our capacity to adapt to stress and restore balance at a cellular level. Our products have been created with the vast experience of formulations which evoke the necessary transcendence that induces bliss, improves health, improves the state of mind and therefore liberates us from the daily cobwebs of life.
The ingredients infused and used are of highest purity and purpose. We have been continually studying the benefits of different natural products and are proud to offer premium cannabis products.

One should always remember: Less is always more with cannabis. And so, it is recommended to start with an ultra-low dose and go slow so as to achieve better results each time.

SOUL CANNABIS TINCTURE: An all-natural blend of exotic botanical extracts like turmeric, frankincense, myrrh and black pepper along with vijaya extract with a base of MCT coconut oil. The main benefit of this blend is to bring your body to a balanced state hence helping you to reconnect and reflect.

Dosage: 2-5 drops once or thrice a day.