Vijaya Inside and Out Relief Bundle

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The Vijaya Inside and Out Bundle includes 

1 X Cannabryl 1:1 RAW 1500mg Oil Tincture  

1 X Cannabryl Hemp Healing Balm



1 X Cannabryl 1:1 RAW 1500mg Oil Tincture  

Raw Medical Cannabis Tinctures / Whole plant medical cannabis Tinctures / Full spectrum raw medical cannabis Tinctures-- are some of the terms which are interchangeable used for Raw Medical Cannabis Tinctures.

Cannabis Tincture is a homogenized (Each drop is same across the solution) mixture of Cannabis extract along with a medicinal grade MCT oil (C8 chains of medium chain triglycerides), this needs to be 100% Coconut Derived. MCT oil increases the bioavailability (pace of absorption in body) of cannabinoids by faster absorption and higher permeability. This acts in the same way as Honey if taken with any Ayurvedic medicine increases its bioavailability of the medicine in the body.

Raw means cannabis is unheated, or “non-activated,” cannabis. This means that it has not been through a process called decarboxylation, that means Medical extract or raw cannabis dried bio mass has not undergone a chemical process as a result of heating over time. The Raw cannabis extract if prepared in a proven scientific way will certainly contain below detailed out Terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids. Raw extract contains CBD & THC in limited quantity, but larger chunk of CBDA and THCA is also present. Sufficient amount of CBG is present too, CBG is the pre stage of CBN. Just because of the presence of all the Phytochemicals known or unknown, proven scientifically or unproven are definitely present in the extract along with Plants natural waxes, Lipids, and chlorophyll. We normally correlate the term of Full spectrum to white light wherein all colors possible are present.

Tinctures are a great way to modulate formulations according to the desired strength. They are less concentrated than extracts and are more dilute, which can be easily be dispensed through a glass dropper. There is no major therapeutic difference between the extract and Tinctures, it’s more of a personal preference of dispensing and severity of the condition. For Example, if you have an acute disease or chronic pain, Doctor may prescribe a more potent extract than a tincture however if the condition is mild like sleep disorder, you will most probably be prescribed only the mild potency of tincture.

Do not purchase/use this product if you have glaucoma 
Do not use this product if you have liver issues 
Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
Strictly for sale only to individuals above the age of 21
Prescription is required for this product. - Get it now !!

1 X Cannabryl Hemp Healing Balm

Cannabryl series topical Balm is  a highly concentrated formula that has high therapeutic value  of protecting, soothing, and healing the skin efficiently. Our balm is intensely researched and properly formulated to relieve from ailing symptoms and leave your skin with a velvety and luxurious feel.

We provide highest quality and appropriate levels of 1250 mg Full Spectrum cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC) in our balm .

Skin is body’s largest organ which is porous and absorbs a large percentage of compounds which we put on it , even some parts absorb more like face and some 100% like underarm, which then enter our blood stream and lymphatic system. Thus, it is very important to choose the right product with right ingredients for our skin applications. None of our products contains Paraffin wax or petroleum Jelly as balm base. We consider synthetic ingredients are not made for human consumption and do more harm than good.

Topical Benefits of each Ingredients

Medicinal Cannabis ( Indian Original Hemp) Oil: Localized Pain like back pain , knee pain , injury pain , arthritis pain , menstrual pain , alleviates Psoriasis symptoms , Heals burns faster and in Ayurveda, it is termed as Vyayi and sukshma , means it spreads deeper, even and quick action. It has also been described as a potent medicine for Kushtha( Skin disorders) .

Kokum Butter : One of the most stable plant based oils with 80% steric-Oleic – stearic triglycerides and properties of non-comodegenic ( non pore clogging) . Its moisturing holding property makes it suitable for many chronic dry skin conditions.  It has an earthy smell and melts easily at 38 degree Celsius . Helps heal ulcers, heal fissures of the lips, hands and soles of feet

Camphor – Well know in Sanskrit by the name chandraprabha – has cooling ( anti inflammatory ) properties and used in Ayurveda ointment for eczema .

Natural Bees Wax : Beeswax is a natural emollient and helps skin retain its natural moisture and supports skins natural oil production. We use beeswax which is in raw form and rich in other beehive byproducts like pollen and propollis which are beneficial in hair growth and skin regeneration.

Turmeric Oil : Topical application of Turmeric seems to have more pronounced effects on wound healing compared to its oral administration in the treatment of wounds, owing to higher accessibility of the drug at the wound site. It is a very  effective moisturizing agent.

A growing amount of evidence confirms that turmeric might modulate the phenomena involved in inflammatory, proliferative, and infectious disorders of the skin.

Frankincense Oil : Frankincense is said to have a sattvic or cleansing effect on the mind as well as the nervous system. It assists in burning impurities in the subtle nerve channels. The essential oil of Frankincense clears excess kapha and pacifies vata and pitta doshas. Frankincense essential oil often evolves as a perfect rescuer in case of skin problems as it acts as an effective astringent, which helps in retrieving its natural beauty. This oil works on wrinkles and other aging symptoms with its ability to shrink the body tissues and bring it back to its original shape and assist in tightening the skin.

As a cicatrisant, it helps in the formation of scar tissue and yields excellent results in treating scars, fading the after marks of acne, pimples, boils, pox, stretch marks and fat cracks due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Frankincense oil acts as an emmenagogue that stimulates the flow of blood in the pelvic area and the uterus, thus regulating the menstrual cycle and functions of the female reproductive system.

It is also uterine in nature and regulates the secretion of estrogen hormone in the appropriate level, thus reducing the risk of cyst formation or uterine cancer in women.