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How CBD helped me deal with anxiety: Tale of an Indian Female

How CBD helped me deal with anxiety? Tale of an Indian Women.

I’m 30-year-old women who suffers from Chronic social anxiety. This means that what for others would be a daily task of getting groceries, buying vegetables or taking delivery of online products would be big challenge for me. Anything that would require me interacting with other individuals would be a struggle I had to go through every day. When coming across a situation like this I wouldn’t be able to speak, the words would come to my mouth but I had great difficulty in speaking. My heart rate would go up, my breathing used to be heavy and my speech would come out stammered.

This had profound implications in my daily life as well as professional career. As an IT professional we have to interact with fellow team mates and colleagues at work. Which gave me panic attacks. I was good at my job as long as I would be at my desk doing the tasks assigned to me. But the moment I had to convey something to my team lead or discuss something with a member of my team. I would find myself struggling for words and that would result in panic attacks. I saw others who had no issues and for them it would be just another social interaction. But for me I’d have complications and couldn’t socialize. As a result, I would avoid people as much as I can. I happened to go to lunch when I was sure that there would be less individuals to interact with. I couldn’t even express my self to the helpers who used to serve food, tell them that I preferred some other dish over what they would serve. So, I used to take whatever they served without making eye contact.

All this together made others see me as an underconfident individual, so when time came for promotions or choosing a project lead, I never even made it to the list. Forget being chosen for it. This made my anxiety worse. I started forcing myself into social situations, but never the less I did the same thing there too and would come home feeling defeated and broken hearted. At times I felt that this life was not worth living but thanks to my friends I had enough support to keep going. Though I got no positive results I still kept going, telling myself it would get better with time.

I had tough time explaining delivery personals my address, I couldn’t give them directions. Even though I could very well visualize everything in my head words never came out of my mouth. If I would go to the grocery store and ask for a Kg of rice and the grocer would mistakenly give me daal. I couldn’t even tell him that I needed rice, I would take the daal home and come back again for the rice. Every passing day was disheartening and difficult to deal with. My family never understood this issue even though I tried telling them they just told me its nothing and to keep going ahead saying its all in my head.

Finding CBD and my research!

The problems kept getting worse with each passing day, which made me try and find answers online. It led me to psychiatrist appointments and heavy medications which might have solved my problems, but all these came with side effects of their own.

Than I came across CBD Oil research papers, which showed promising results for people suffering from anxiety. It was all natural and had little to no side effects. So, I thought I should give it a try. And I started looking for options to buy CBD in India. There were several products online, but it was all confusing and there was no exact detail as to what the bottle contained. Also, the legality of CBD oil had me worried if buying something from an unreliable source would get me in trouble with the authorities.


After thorough research I came across a website and that’s when magic happened. I contacted the staff and found out that I had to consult a doctor. Unlike other sites which sold CBD, here I was given a chance to first explain what I needed it for to a professional in the medical field. That made me feel secure and comfortable that what I’m getting is from a trusted source.

I immediately got on a call with Dr. Tahir, who was very understanding and listened to what I was going through on a daily basis. He made me understand the complexity of my problem. After going through the call, he recommended me CBD oil and told me about my dosage for the same. All the while explaining how it would work in my body and how it would help my body deal with these problems.

The time I when the CBD oil finally reached my house and I was still struggling to speak to people. I some how took the delivery of the CBD oil and ran back home. I opened the package and was surprised to see that along with the CBD oil the store also included all the certifications and lab reports, which in detail mentioned each and every element present in the oil, which made me feel safe because I now knew what exactly was going in my body. I waited for the night to come, as I was told to take the dosage before I went to bed. I was excited as well as a little doubtful if this would really help. I took the CBD oil and went to bed.

I woke up a new person. The morning itself I felt something had changed with in me. I was feeling exalted and happy to be waking up. I was looking forward to what was coming ahead. I cannot explain in words how that morning felt. I finally wanted to be part of this world and wanted to get on with doing something or the other. So, I thought why not give it a try and do something outside the house. I chose the smallest task. Getting milk, it had minimal interaction as I just had to take the bags to the counter and ask how much and pay through my phone.

I dressed and went out, the fear within me was still there as I didn’t know what to expect. But here’s what happened. My breathing was stable, I could walk without feeling out of breath. I saw the shop and it had a few people shopping there, let me remind you that after seeing something like this I would just walk back home and comeback another time hoping there wouldn’t be anyone else but the shop keeper. But Now there were no physical abnormalities, No rapid breathing, No trembling hands or knees, no elevation of heartbeats. It all came down to just my fear which than felt like I could deal with. I went to the shop picked up milk and also went ahead with other veggies because no more I felt confused or awkward. I could just focus on task at hand without thinking about what lies ahead. Once I was done shopping I approached the vendor and still there was no sign of any physical problems so I went ahead and pushed myself to start small talk and ask about cilantro and man I was surprised that I didn’t fumble with my statement. My speech was smooth and to the point. Even the vendor was surprised normally I would never say a word and here I was asking him about his kid. The fear was still there but I could finally speak whatever was inside my head. I felt joy like never felt before. I paid the vendor and walked out smiling like a crazy person. This was others feel I thought, in 30 years of my life this was the first time I felt this.

It was awesome, something that I could never do before I did and not only that thanks to CBD I felt like I wanted to do it again. And that was the day I went to the bakery, a stationary shop all in a single day without preparing or thinking about what time would have minimum people outside.

I would like to give a big thank you to people at the CBD store for bringing CBD oil to people of India. I cannot express in words what it has done for me and my anxiety. I hope to apply this new-found confidence in my professional life too. 

If you are reading this and having similar issues please contact people from CBD Store to find out what exactly you need and rest assured knowing that what you are getting is the real deal and is made by reliable source with 100% surety of quality. Hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

This has been nothing short of a miracle for me

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