The world works in paradoxical metaphors of the past and the future, knowing where we came from, became the core of our research which intends to take us to the future that we see for the generations to come. It's a lesser-known fact that Cannabis traces its history back to the core of the civilization itself, Way before the stigma around Cannabis limited its use and benefits for society, it found itself an important mention in Atharv Veda.  The ayurvedic names of cannabis are "Vijaya" - 'the one who conquers' and "siddhi" - 'subtle power', 'achievement'. And it was indeed a plant that did it all. With CYTOGENE, We intend to bring its best benefits into hands of the modern society. With a promise of quality and a commitment to change the horizon of the Indian Cannabis Market. We at CYTOGENE believe that the change starts with us. With cutting-edge research and technology, Cytogene aims to give a platform to aid humanity.
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