Arambol Flower Child Tour With ZouZou - Till April 28

         Would you like a personalized tour of some of the most meaningful spaces in Arambol by ZouZou, an iconic global performer one of the pillars of the culture of arambol since the past 20 years? 

Well, for a limited time we are offering a customized tour to individuals who donate ₹15000 or above in ZouZou's Gofundme campaign for getting his surgery done

ZouZou's free-spirited nature, resilience, and kindness are truly inspiring. He spreads positivity and joy through his performing arts and community work and has created the Arambol Art of Carnival Beach Parade; a celebration of life, free of charge and open to all – for 22 years. and other companies in the medical cannabis & alternative wellness space owe our existence to the Pioneers of counter culture from the west that made India and the Indian culture a cornerstone of their life's work.
One such stalwart has been ZouZou,

ZouZou is a professional performer from USA & the Netherlands and has been living in Goa, India for the past 28 years and has been a catalyst for many a amazing moments, from the Arambol Carnival that has been going on for the past 22 years or the smile garden that has inspired creations from artists from around the world to manifest and share ideas and beauty in India.

Today, we ask your support as souls of a new open minded generation to help us fund ZouZou's pending skin grafting surgery so the Carnevale may smoothly continue with ZouZou's presence and guidance for many decades to come. So that one day you, your children and perhaps grandkids can witness Zou's creations and carnevals. In our opinion it is one of our hidden national treasures and we ask your help in reaching our aim quickly at GoFundMe so we can ensure ZouZou is back to making magic by winter of 2024

every donation on ZouZou's Gofundme at of ₹15000 gets:

    The Arambol Experience
                    Full Day With ZouZou
                                      (Founder of the Arambol Art of Carnival)

A full explanation and experience of the past and the present of Arambol

9:00 – Meeting - Smile Garden House
9:30 – 10:30   - Breakfast on the Beach
10:45 – 11:30 – History of Arambol  (Smile Garden House)
                                  with Old Photos & Videos of First Carnival etc.
12:00  - 13:30  - Lunch at Relax Inn
14:00 – 17:00  - Sweet Water Lake & Small Hike inside the Jungle
                                  & See the Nomadic camping
17:00 – 17:40 – Massage - Feet/Neck/Shoulders
18:00 – 19:00 – Sunset at Love Temple on the beach
19:00 – 20:00 – Dinner at Jungle Dance
20:00 - 22:00  - Evening Event (based on availability)
                                (Ecstatic Dance, Cacao Ceremony, Concert, etc.)
22:00 – 24:00  - Cookie Walla Event with Songs from ZouZou

In addition to this, you get free gifts from, friends of Zou will show you some lovely spaces (like our friend Anthony literally never has anything to do, he's available all the time) 

Arambol Experience - program available until 24 April, 2024

Arambol means “Say Chill” 
  “Bol”          “Say”
  “Aram”       “Chill”