Dave Scott - CBD, Must have supplements for healthy life


 Dave Scott - CBD, Must have supplements for healthy life.



The i part of me feels like this modern age if i you know put it in quotes maybe you know this modern age of health and wellness it's it i think for a lot of people it can get to be overwhelming you know it can get to be wow you know whereas 20 years ago maybe there were a dozen supplements on the shelf now there's 400 supplements on the shelf you know when i when i go to a store and uh you know how on earth do i make the the how do i how do i as their everyday average guy become educated enough to know what i should you know what do i need what i shouldn't need and what i should take so kind of distilling all that down like for your average person but you know you know we were talking a lot about cbd because that's the focus you know of of of you know the store of course you know and and the industry you know in india that you know that we're working in but just in general like let's say if if you're speaking just to an average individual you know average all across the board like what do you think are the four most popular supplements that are not most popular sorry the four most important supplements uh that someone should take and then in addition what are the couple of just most important just daily wellness practices someone should have aside from supplements so i'm curious you know just if you're trying to just to simplify it down hey you know if someone listens to this and they walk away you know just remembering anything these are the top four ish you know supplements that probably would be good for sending someone's long-term health and these are the top couple of just daily wellness things that everyone maybe should do.


Dave Scott :

Yeah yeah good. well well-stated again a very good question i think we're smothered with a lot of misinformation and so when you talk about supplements there's different supplements that are categorized adaptogens and vitamins and minerals and how they affect i i you know as a let's say that you know and obviously i've studied this my whole life so and while i'm always learning it's not like wow i know everything no not at all you know i i look at it look at the research okay i should know more about that so someone who's coming in there and they're getting overwhelmed by our conversation and all the super duper terms i've thrown out um i i i think what i would first ask and i'm gonna i'm gonna buy these supplements because i think dave scott brought up this really important thing how does it affect your whole body how does it affect your old body so some just affect uh certain areas so it's like a drug well this this will affect your your heart i look at first off how does it affect all my organs and and so the first on your the list is i want a fat soluble x that's going to affect all my organs in other words it's contained in a i'll give you an example it's like a phospholipid and it's going to affect my brain my kidneys my liver my pancreas my bile is it it's going to permeate my entire all my my aqueous membranes my eye the inside of my mouth my lips so now we're talking about a supplement that covers your whole body it's like taking a shower in it number number one on my list is krill omega-3 and not omega-3 mixed cold water fish and there's lots of great cold water fish people think of salmon and and that's one of many sardines anchovies uh but why krill yeah well because it it it's containing what's called a phospholipid and the phospholipid can move it permeates water and fat soluble membrane so it can move through your system very very quickly and it and it will be absorbed by all your organs when we have mixed omega-3s where they're putting in gills and esophaguses and everything else and chopped up and they say it's omega-3 and it's lots of different sources we don't get in the phospholipid the the krill is the densest form it and it also has an antioxidant that's in there which is number two on my list which is called astaxanthin and i'll spell it in a a s t a x a n and then thin t h i n a s t a x a m t h i n i was taking astaxanthin before i get a paycheck from a company called bioaston it's actually made it it's a cold cold water algae that's grown it's grown right on the kona coast it's on the iron man court on the iron man course and i was taken because i said the potency of this antioxidant and it's fat soluble as well my criteria is um and i and i said it's and it's found in omega-3s particularly salmon sources it's very very high because the salmon eat the krill and the krill contains the the astaxanthin and the the pink of the salmon is the astaxanthin in in there so it's good for your heart it's good for your joints it's good for your muscles it's good for your brain so i love astaxanthin i've been taking this for a long time and it's one that you guys should look into it's beautiful i have a link on my website to buy last and you can read all about it that's number two number three probably wouldn't fall on a lot of people's lists and i i use this a lot even though you may be outside like i am for many hours during the day and we think our absorption of vitamin d3 is very very high but it's not because of the environment that we live in and so a lot of people's vitamin d3 levels which act like a hormone they affect every cell in your body are too low and if you're getting a blood test in the states they've dumped them down so you can't even get d3 as a simple blood test but everyone should have their vitamin d3 levels checked and it should be above 60 nanograms per milliliter so the the vitamin d3 because it affects every system endocannabinoid endocrine urinary circulatory respiratory it affects all your system that's kind of my third third one on my list vitamin d3 is synergistic with vitamin k2 so you have to take at the same time and magnesium and the form of magnesium called magnesium threonine 8 t-h-r-e-o-n-a-t-e is the only form of magnesium based on data that is fat soluble so that's kind of an extended list i kind of certainly gave you three four five but um omega-3 astaxanthin vitamin d3 along with vitamin k2 and magnesium and and of course cbd top of the list of course well yeah and the you know the nice thing is that they're synergistic you put cbd with you and you guys know this you put this with that fat soluble yeah it's you know it's huge uh you had another part to your question like



Well the other part is the non there's a non-supplement stuff and of course there's diet right okay there could be a whole conversation about you know yeah you know less saturated fats less sugars you know i think a lot of people are getting that but but let's say it is more like what's that what's the couple the the couple key takeaways of just general healthy lifestyle you know if someone's remembers a couple things every day uh you know yeah whether it's breathing whether it's stretching you know whether it's yeah a bit of cardio what do you think are those absolutes hey everyone out there no matter where you live in the world should be doing these couple of things every day you know uh


Dave scott:

Yeah very good question i i i think there's a there's a couple things if we look at age decline that people have and we look at and i think vanish you brought this up in boulder where i live we have a lot of skinny fat people in other words we have athletic people that have lost their muscle mass and we we see every over every decade particularly in the 50s 60s 70s 80s and on up where people lose muscle mass and when they lose muscle mass it's called sarcopenia when we have the sarcopenia loss of muscle mass that affects balance and symmetry body movement so for your question blake first thing that people should do is that they can do simple strength exercises a push-up downward upward dog a yoga move where they're taking the exercise to hearty fatigue you need to fatigue the muscle to get the benefit and it produces a very very favorable kind of protein called myokine so when people are doing exercise they say oh i'm 65 years old i'm using my age or close too i say okay are you doing anything exercise wise while you're out on your walk where you're doing something that you're going to fatigue what's an example walk up and down stairs or just up down up down and be nice and solid and square draw your belly and keep your neck in a neutral position work your glutes and your legs and your core at the same time a step up is an easy example a push-up or a even push-ups from your knees where you do a partial push-up and you're taking it to hearty fatigue doing two to three sets is huge and so you can maintain muscle mass two is in conjunction with this is mobility and mobility is general movement that you have in a joint there's three big ones your shoulder joint if i reach up and i'm grabbing something on a shelf and i reach high and all of a sudden i think oh gosh i feel it pulling my shoulder my back i feel this my neck i can feel it radiating through my head very common increase that range of motion just by reaching up reaching up to the top of the door stretching so you're stretching your pecs i was picking on your pecking on you earlier because your pecs affect your overhead this is shoulder flexion when your arm is reaching overhead shoulder flexion shoulders number one the middle part of your spine your thoracic spine having rotation from side to side and i'm doing it on camera where i'm just twisting even doing twist motions and sort of bending down where you're not doing everything in the sagittal plane you're doing this transverse plane keeping your thoracic spine rotation so your low back and your neck don't take the load your lumbar and cervical spine don't get the abuse and getting thoracics by length hang from a tree limb hang from a tree limb and see if you can stretch everything out you know and if you're just starting just put your toes on the ground can come up on your tiptoes and reach up and hang there for a minute shake your arms up do it again do it again extension and rotation thoracic spine the last one is your hips and so those are the big three shoulders thoracic spine hips and your hips and venish you know this well from your mma days range of motion your hips is huge and even just making as you're out for a walk you're drawing your knee up in flexion externally rotating your knee making a big circle with that leg and doing it on one leg so if i'm standing on my left leg let's say am i standing on the side of the curve and i'm swinging my my right leg around in big the biggest circle possible and then i'm spreading my legs out real wide and i'm squatting down as low as i can so i'm getting my bum down near the ground and you're rocking side to side cricket players do that well uh as you're getting down low and you're elongating the muscles in your uh hamstring and your leg but you're really getting mobility in your hips so those are kind of the


Vinesh: Biggest thing sideward torque


Dave Scott:

Exactly exactly yeah so i i'm awesome i'm kind of nuts about that and i think blake i hear you someone to pick on if you're just going into the gym and you're not you're not increasing your range of motion you will get tighter and tighter.


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