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The Ojaas Health Booster is a beverage suitable for every age group to devour as a daily supplement, to those who looking to add a healthy diet to their fast-paced modern lifestyle. This is an innovative step from us to showcase the world about the Midas touch of Areca as a health booster.

Health Benefits: 
Energy Booster
Can control diabetes
Prevents Stomach Problems
Appetite Booster
Detoxify the Body
Irregular menstrual cycle (helps to reduce pain and helps to avoid irregularity in periods in women)

Quantity: 1 spoon instant  (1g) (spoon is inside the pack For measurement) per serving of 120ml

How Ojaas can be consumed? :
1.You can consume Ojaas with Hot Milk 
2. You can consume Ojaas as Cold Milkshake 
3. You can consume with Hot Water & lime 
ADD SWEETENER in case required 

Note:- Not for pregnant ladies or children Below 6 years (they have their own food diet in that period of life).

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