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How CBD can help deal with the Stressful Indian Family Life

Indian families can get on your nerves. Here’s how CBD can help with that!

Globally, as well as in India, stress is seen as a ‘way of life’. If you’re not stressed out or busy, you catch yourself feeling guilty, especially if you’re from an Indian household. Think about the times you’ve just lazed around and watched TV at home; you’ve definitely been yelled at for being of no use! There’s an immediate arousal of irritation if you’re seen relaxing for too long. Even as kids, if it were anywhere close to exam time, we would have to pretend like we were studying, even if we didn’t really have to. And now we’re just wired that way – with the impression that productivity equals self-worth. Don’t have a job? You’re basically useless, according to the average Indian parent.

It has been a battle between us millennials and the boomers for the last couple of years. Our ideas of success just seem to clash. While success for the younger generation is peace, for the older generation, it’s wearing years of hard work like a badge of honor. But the millennials are also to blame here. We’ve glorified “hustle culture” but thankfully slowly grown to realize that it feeds a capitalist system at the expense of our well-being. 

Of course, not all boomers have a one track mind either; especially not if you’re reading this. But unfortunately, you’re the exception. 

However, like the wisest of the wise say: modern problems require innovative solutions. While our parents might have thanked their parents for this sort of “tough love” or “motivation”, our generation is just not down with it. But we sure as hell know that we’re never going to be able to get the Indian parents’ nose out of our business. Not without some bloodshed! Despite what your yelling parent says, your body does not have to be in a constant state of fight or flight. At least not since we stopped hunting for dinner. 

So, how do we do this the peaceful way? How do we have our cake and eat it too? You must have guessed from the title – CBD Products

There are a variety of CBD Oils, CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles and much more available to help you tune them out and tune in to your inner peace. No high-pitched yelling/nagging can penetrate the level of Zen you feel on this stuff.

A set of receptors collectively called the endocannabinoid system regulates the nervous system and strives to maintain a balance or homeostasis. Simply put – when we’re stressed we’re not in balance. CBD signals to these receptors to bring the body back to that state of balance. So with just a couple of drops of CBD, you can ensure that the hypothalamus is more receptive to cortisol (or the stress hormone) and therefore stops the excess production of it. In short – you won’t lash out at your nagging family or inherit the big ‘stress tummy’ that comes with too much cortisol. You can respond instead of react and avoid the drama altogether. That’s the dream right!

If you’re intrigued and want to buy CBD Oil of the right dosage, know that it differs from person to person. On an average, the dose of CBD for managing stress is about 10 – 50 mg. And it’s directly proportional to the family stress of the day. The crankier your kids are, the more you’ll want to take. And unlike most good things, this is actually good for your health too.

According to a report by WHO, CBD is “generally well-tolerated with a good health profile”. But nothing is entirely without any side-effects so do your research or consult us to know the right dosage and product for you!

But then again, CBD not only gives you momentary relief, it also motivates you to make this blissful state of existence your lifestyle. Practices like meditation, exercise, breath work and more will all start becoming a priority to you. So, you will not only be able to remain steady and calm while you achieve your goals, but also inspire your family to (maybe) shift their perspective too. 

At the risk of sounding cheesy, you become a better son, daughter or parent in the family system, all with a little help of this magical elixir!


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