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5 Aspects of CBD Oil and Overall Health and Wellness Improvement

A new modern miracle medicine or supplement that does more and better things than the others appears to be available on the market almost daily. Most of this is hype and misleading ads, and has contributed to numerous market myths and overall misunderstanding. CBD, in our opinion, has endured worse hype and misleading information than any wellness product. Sadly, this has been at due to poor actors in the industry making improper medical statements and/or mislabeling goods. Unfortunately, the root of the misunderstanding about CBD oil rests in greedy people trying to take advantage of mis-information and the "hype" of CBD simply to make a profit. As CBDStore.in, we are changing all of that. We would like to continue to put the record straight as advocates of the true science behind CBD and its genuine benefits.

CBD Oil and the Alleviation of Pain

The endo-cannabinoid mechanism of the human body, including body temperature, sleep cycles, inflammation and other functions, is critical for controlling equilibrium (homeostasis) throughout all physiological systems. CBD activates receptors that are specifically designed and evolved over thousands of years to interact with the exact molecular structure of the many cannabinoids of the hemp plan. By ingesting CBD oil products and stimulating the endo-cannabinoid system, the body is triggered to decrease inflammation and help alleviate the body’s pain response.

CBD and its Impact on Sleep, Depression & Anxiety

There are many negative and irritating side effects of certain anxiety and depression drugs today. The same applies to products prescription to assist with sleep. However, CBD oil offers these medications an option without these negative side-effects. Research has shown that CBD assist with the release of serotonin from your brain, a neurotransmitter that regulates our moods and general state of mind. In humans and even animals, CBD oil has also been shown to aid with anxiety and to also help alleviate symptoms of depression. Reducing anxiety is just as significant as the effect of CBD on the control of sleep quality, because reduced anxiety or depression holistically recalibrates a person’s physiology which then further supports healthier sleep.

Cannabinoids and the Health of Your Skin

Acne, which affects an estimated 9 percent of the human population, is the most prevalent skin disease in the world. CBD oil can aid in the treatment of acne due to its specific characteristics. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and the way in which it regulate the quantity of sebum being released from the sebaceous glands help reduces acne from developing and spreading throughout the skin. In order to offer added benefits such as firmer, younger appearing skin, companies such as Being Hemp integrate the advantages of CBD oil with the new research in advanced dermatology.

Cognitive and Brain Health

While the research around health and CBD oils has been growing, it has been revealed that CBD helps overcome neurological wellness challenges. CBD oil has been proven to relieve symptoms linked to Parkinson's and even epilepsy in recent studies. In lab animal research, CBD has also been found to decrease the severity of Alzheimer's disease symptoms as well. There are good indications showing that both extensive and minimal usage of CBD oil will help boost your overall brain health and cognitive wellness.

CBD Oil and Cardiovascular Health

An increased risk of a variety of health problems, including stroke, heart disease and metabolic syndrome, is associated with elevated blood pressure. CBD oil may be able to mitigate issues with elevated blood pressure, reports suggest. Additionally, CBD can help reduce inflammation and the dying of cells resulting from issues with heart disease because of the strong antioxidants and stress-alleviating influence of CBD oil. CBD may assist the health of the cardiovascular system and heart in a range of ways, including the reduction of blood pressure and avoiding long-term damage to the heart. More scientific research is still in process, and we’ll share more as new information is revealed.


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