Women of Cannabis: AshleyJade Pietro dances with joy for CBD

AshleyJade is a professional dancer and choreographer based in Seattle. She has been widely recognized by her unique dance style on Instagram and has amassed a huge following. AJ propelled her dance career by participating in a professional dance residency with company, Delfos Danza Contemporanea in Mazatlán, Mexico. During her residency, she trained in floorwork technique, Piso Movil, under the direction of Omar Carrum, performed in company repertoire, and in work by Liv Fauver. If you watch her impeccable dance performances, you will never be able to tell she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and has been for over 3 years. This is how she started her journey with CBD – when she found that it could help her wake up without the pain.

“Integrating CBD into my daily self-care routine keeps me in my body and ready to move. It’s been difficult navigating a dance career living with a rheumatoid arthritis condition that causes chronic pain in my spine and pelvis.. i haven’t woken up without pain in over 3 years, but when I began the use of CBD for pain management, i felt my overall inflammation level soothe significantly. I honestly wouldn’t be dancing the way that i do now without access to the therapeutic benefits of CBD.” She says and she concludes with saying ‘sourcing matters’ which we 100% agree with. The processing your hemp and CBD undergoes and the farms it is sourced from makes all the difference.

Here at CBD store, most of our Hemp is sourced from the farms in Colorado USA or from the finest quality cannabis farms in Uttarakhand. What you receive is the purest form, organic and devoid of any adulterated materials. If you’re a woman who struggles with chronic pain, we definitely recommend you try some topical CBD and this month is the perfect time to start because we’ve got 10% off just for the ladies when you use the code WMN10.

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