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      Women Of Cannabis — cbd oil

      Women of Cannabis: Wanda James paves the way for black businesses

      Co-founder and CEO of Simply Pure – Wanda James has been a trail blazer for women and the black community in the cannabis industry. She is a truly admirable woman as she is the first African-American women to own a marijuana dispensary in the United States. She has also worked on the National Finance Committee for President Barack Obama, in her earlier years. Not only that, she is also a military veteran and former lieutenant in the United States Navy! In recent years, Wanda James has taken over the cannabis industry in her home of Denver, Colorado, while remaining a powerful advocate for equity, empowering black-owned business owners to follow suit. Simply Pure’s coveted, humble storefront is located in the historic, now trendy Highland area of the city. James powers forward today as a strong advocate for business owners in the space.

      Never ever, ever, ever give up. If you are truly an entrepreneur you never stop. Failure is not an option. Lessons may sometimes be costly, both financially and emotionally, but true entrepreneurs never say never. We say, ‘OK.  What did I learn and how did that make me smarter, stronger and more experienced and ready to do it again?’” she says when asked for advice she wants to give any budding entrepreneurs.

      In 2018 James was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the cannabis industry by High Times Magazine, 2015 she was named one of the TOP 50 Female Executives by the Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) and in 2010 James was named the Marijuana Advocate of the Year by Westword Magazine. She has appeared on numerous television shows, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, CBS Sunday Morning, CNBC's Marijuana USA, and Smile Jamaica.

      We admire such inspiring women! And learn from them every day. If you’re a woman who wants to get started on her cannabis journey, browse our wide range of products for women and use code WMN 10 to get 15% off.

      Women of CBD: Busy Philipps leans on CBD to keep her mentally healthy

      Celebs are and have always been the trendsetters, especially when it comes to what they consume to stay healthy and well. We all want to know what’s going on in their lives and everything they’re choosing to consume. The same goes to Hollywood actor Busy Philipps. She has featured in a number of hit TV shows such as Cougar Town, Freaks & Geeks, Girls5Eva and more. But she’s best known for keeping it real on her social media. She shares her relatable parenting moments, daily rants and random thoughts. “It’s never occurred to me, ever, since I became a professional actor at 19 years old, to not be as honest and truthful as I could be, publicly. Before social media and the Internet really existed, it was a lot more difficult to get across who you really were. So for me, the advent of Twitter, then Instagram and Stories was incredibly freeing, because I felt like I had a direct line to expressing exactly who I feel I am and the things that I struggle with.”  She explains.

      When someone as real and honest as Busy Philipps is advocating for CBD, you know it’s legit. Although she seems very outspoken and bold, Busy does go through lows that can take a toll on her, which is why she leans on CBD. “I grew up in a family where mental health issues are...we’ve got ’em! I’ve had that since I was a kid—racing thoughts, unable to get control of my thoughts, spinning out into paralysis of not being able to do anything and crying hysterically about it, or just feeling totally helpless.” She elaborates on her mental health. With debilitating mental issues on hand, a family to run and a career to handle, we all could use a little help. “For me, getting the endorphins and the sweat every morning is part of what I think helps me keep it in check. I’ve also done acupuncture for it; the infrared sauna helps, and the CBD and THC gummies, which I’m a very strong proponent of now.” Busy Philipps says as she explains her relationship with CBD.

      Even the best of us need something to lean on. When you find what that is, make sure it’s safe, natural, has no side effects and is non-addictive, something like CBD. This Woman’s Month can be extra special if you want it to be. Use code WMN10 when you shop to get 10% off!

      Women of Cannabis: Olivia Wilde chooses CBD over painkillers

      We got familiar with Olivia Wilde through the hit TV Show ‘House’ but after the show ended in 2012, she has gone on to act in Broadway, direct films and write books too. Her directorial debut was appreciated by critics and viewers alike. Wall Street Journal said that "Nothing funnier, smarter, quicker or more joyous has graced the big screen in a long time." As Olivia Wilde continues to explore her passions and grow in her career, she is not exempt from health hazards induced from work. She too undergoes tiredness, pains and aches from long hours on stage and on camera. And for this, she has recently declared that she turns to CBD.

      “Another thing I’m a huge believer in, in terms of body care: I’ve been using this body lotion that has CBD from marijuana that I discovered it through my friends in LA. Recently I did a play on Broadway for six months, and my body was wrecked.  My neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers.” She told the New York Times.

      And she’s absolutely spot on with this one! Why bother yourself with the harmful side effects of pain killers when you can stick to something that gives you similar results with no side effects? Topicals are amazing for treating pain. They are loved by athletes too and are known for being able to alleviate high levels of pain. Celebrities are also known to use CBD topicals on their feet while walking the red carpet to make the pain more bearable. Not only that, it can also be used pre and post workout to manage pain, soothe the body and reduce inflammation.

      If you face any of the above situations at work or your daily life, consider switching to CBD tinctures or balms to help you manage the pain. For the ladies, this month we’ve got flat 10% off with the code WMN10 so if you want to get started the time is now!

      Women of Cannabis: AshleyJade Pietro dances with joy for CBD

      AshleyJade is a professional dancer and choreographer based in Seattle. She has been widely recognized by her unique dance style on Instagram and has amassed a huge following. AJ propelled her dance career by participating in a professional dance residency with company, Delfos Danza Contemporanea in Mazatlán, Mexico. During her residency, she trained in floorwork technique, Piso Movil, under the direction of Omar Carrum, performed in company repertoire, and in work by Liv Fauver. If you watch her impeccable dance performances, you will never be able to tell she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and has been for over 3 years. This is how she started her journey with CBD – when she found that it could help her wake up without the pain.

      “Integrating CBD into my daily self-care routine keeps me in my body and ready to move. It’s been difficult navigating a dance career living with a rheumatoid arthritis condition that causes chronic pain in my spine and pelvis.. i haven’t woken up without pain in over 3 years, but when I began the use of CBD for pain management, i felt my overall inflammation level soothe significantly. I honestly wouldn’t be dancing the way that i do now without access to the therapeutic benefits of CBD.” She says and she concludes with saying ‘sourcing matters’ which we 100% agree with. The processing your hemp and CBD undergoes and the farms it is sourced from makes all the difference.

      Here at CBD store, most of our Hemp is sourced from the farms in Colorado USA or from the finest quality cannabis farms in Uttarakhand. What you receive is the purest form, organic and devoid of any adulterated materials. If you’re a woman who struggles with chronic pain, we definitely recommend you try some topical CBD and this month is the perfect time to start because we’ve got 10% off just for the ladies when you use the code WMN10.

      Women of Cannabis: Kristen Bell loves her CBD self-care routine!

      Kristen Bell is an American actress best known for her roles in Bad Moms, Frozen, The Boss and more. Kristen is an advocate for mental health and is very open about her struggles with mental health on social media and on interviews. Bell has grown to love the healing effects of CBD over the last 2 years and continues to be vocal about her support for CBD. “This pandemic was when I needed CBD in my life the most,” says the actor “the goal was to provide a way to turn down the volume of your life.”

      Kristen Bell fell so much in love with CBD that she started her own line of CBD with hemp extract called Happy Dance that is vegan, cruelty-free and clean. She says CBD improved her life in many ways. She recalls rubbing it on her shoulders after a long day at work and loving it immensely. Her product line is to die for and looks pretty amazing in packaging adorned with bright and upbeat colours to represent a happy state of mind. The key to her line is making it universal and unisex – something her husband or any man would love. This meant getting into details like avoiding fruity scents. “I wanted to make it as simple as possible, so it wouldn't challenge other scents if I want to put on something after.”  She says as she describes her line of CBD. If you’re someone who  needs to pay attention to their mental health (as most of us do), having a routine where you can indulge in some self-care with CBD which further elevates your mood can go a long way. Just the act of pampering yourself is an instant pick-me-up. “Having that 10 minutes where I can relax feels so good to me.” Kristen Bell elaborates as she speaks about her relationship with CBD.

      If you’d like to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine, be sure to check out our range of Balms, Tinctures, Hemp Soaps, Hemp Lotions and more.