Woman of Cannabis: Whoopi Goldberg is an inspiring Cannapreneur!

Whoopi Goldberg has been a warm and familiar face for most of our childhood years. She is primarily known for being an American actor, author, comedian, and television personality. She has recently emerged as an investor and a supporter of the marijuana industry. “I’ve spent the better part of my life standing up for issues that were important to me,” says Whoopi as she elaborated on her aim to help women gain access to the therapeutic effects of Cannabis. When it comes to CBD products, Whoopi, like most of us agrees that this is centered mainly on wellbeing. Like most of us, she emphasizes on the difference between using Cannabis recreationally and using it medicinally. There is a plethora of ways to consume Cannabis so that it does not get you “high” or cause any harm to your lungs and you are still able to reap its therapeutic benefits.

She concretized her love and belief in Cannabis with Whoopi & Maya - Goldberg’s first line of Cannabis based Epsom salts and menstrual relief rubs. “I asked a friend in the cannabis industry if anyone was doing marijuana for menstrual cramps; and when he said no, I knew someone had to – and that it may as well be us,” Goldberg recalls. She specifically opted to sell products for menstrual relief because she found that weed helped her with cramps much earlier in her life. “There are plenty of products out there that will get you high, but we want to make sure you are feeling OK. We want to help women who have bad cramps be able to work a full work day without excruciating pain.” She says as she describes the purpose of her women-centric line.

Whoopi is an inspiration not only to women but also entrepreneurs who want to carry forward their passion and belief in Cannabis. It is through bold women like her that the Cannabis industry continues to progress by leaps and bounds, helping many receive the relief they need.


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